Stakeholder participation in hydrology
Convener: Tobias Krueger  | Co-Conveners: Gemma Carr , Andrea Castelletti 
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 / Tue, 05 Apr, 15:30–17:00  / Room 39
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The past two decades saw an increase in the involvement of stakeholders (here anyone with an interest in the issues at stake) in hydrological research and the management of water resources, and indeed increasing requirements for stakeholder engagement as part of research grants, as well as background for programs, plans and policies. Strong arguments can be made for stakeholder participation, including: broadening of the knowledge base, more transparent and democratic decision making, greater acceptance of decisions, and enhanced social learning and responsibility. However, evidence of fulfilment of these claims is rare – and may just be emerging from what still is a relatively young endeavour in hydrology. With this session, we want to map the various ways stakeholder engagement has been taking place and capture the experience of researchers as it is emerging. Topics include:

• Stakeholder participation in catchment and water resources management; governance
• Modelling with stakeholders: from perceptual to procedural models; incorporating stakeholder knowledge to parameterise, drive and test models; scenario development; interpretation of model results
• Eliciting and weighting stakeholder knowledge; modelling of uncertainty
• Stakeholders and uncertainty of model predictions
• Stakeholder participation and social learning
• Critical reflection; measuring success of participatory methods

Solicited speaker:
Stuart Lane, Durham University

Note PSD session 106 which we will use for mini-talks by all authors and general discussions.

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