AS4.25 short presentations and COST Action ES1004: 'EuMetChem' meeting (public)
Convener: Alexander Baklanov 
Wed, 06 Apr, 13:30–17:00  / Room SM7

Continuation of the first meeting SPM1.22 of the new COST Action ES1004: 'EuMetChem - European Framework for Online Integrated Air Quality and Meteorology Modelling' linked with the Section AS4.25 'Integrated physical and chemical weather modelling with two-way interactions'. Merged with the Discussions Session PSD154 (AS4.25 Posters Summary & Discussions). Scientific discussions and further work planning.

Public information: Short presentations and discussion:

9) Renate Forkel, Johannes Werhahn, Rainer Schmitz, Tim Butler, Uli Uhrner, and Peter Suppan
Application of the online coupled meteorology-chemistry model WRF/chem and the Lagrangian model GRAL to the Santiago de Chile region (XY214 / EGU2011-12190);

10) Idir Bouarar, Claire Granier, Kathy Law, Ariela Dangiola, Aude Mieville, Andreas Richter, Henk Eskes, and Randall Martin
Evaluation of chemistry transport model simulations in the MACC project: comparison with satellite and in-situ data (XY218 / EGU2011-6390);

11) Quentin Errera and Richard Ménard
Implementation of spatial correlations in the background error covariance matrix in the BASCOE system (XY220 / EGU2011-8136);

12) Rohit Mathur, Jonathan Pleim, David Wong, Shaocai Yu, St Rao, Shawn Roselle, and Francis Binkowski
Applications and Sensitivity Analysis with the 2-Way Coupled WRF-CMAQ Model (XY222 / EGU2011-9383);

13. Johannes Werhahn, Renate Forkel, Ayoe Buus Hansen, Georg Grell, Stuart McKeen, Steven Peckham, and Peter Suppan
Effect of aerosol-radiation feedback on regional air quality - A sensitivity study with WRF/chem. (XY224 / EGU2011-12033);

14. Yafang Cheng, Stephan Nordmann, Wolfram Birmili, Sarika Kulkarni, Chao Wei, Denier van der Gon, David Streets, Hang Su, Gregory Carmichael, Alfred Wiedensohler and the Gregory Carmichael Team
WRF-Chem simulation of black carbon episodes over Europe: transportation, regional radiative forcing, and influence on snow melting in Alpine region (XY225 / EGU2011-9519);

15) Tov Elperin, Andrew Fominykh, Boris Krasovitov, and Alexander Vikhansky
Effect of Rain Scavenging on Altitudinal Distribution of Soluble Gaseous Pollutants in the Atmosphere (XY217 / EGU2011-4811);

16) Other posters overview and COST ES1004 discussion.
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Thu, 07 Apr, 08:30–12:00  / Room SM8
AS4.25 – Integrated physical and chemical weather modelling with two-way interactions
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SPM1.22 – AS4.25 short presentations and COST Action ES1004: 'EuMetChem' scientific meeting (public)
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