AS4.25 short presentations and COST Action ES1004: 'EuMetChem' scientific meeting (public)
Convener: Alexander Baklanov 
Wed, 06 Apr, 10:30–12:00  / Room SM6

New COST Action ES1004: 'EuMetChem: European framework for online integrated air quality and meteorology modelling' scientific meeting as a logical continuation of the Section AS4.25 'Integrated physical and chemical weather modelling with two-way interactions'. Presentation and discussion of European and other online coupled models and scientific achievements. Merged with the Discussions Session PSD154 (AS4.25 Posters Summary & Discussions). It will comprise short presentations of poster contributions to AS4.25 as well as some additional discussions on open problems and future perspectives of online integrated modelling.

Public information: Short presentations and discussion:

1) Alexander Baklanov and EuMetChem COST Action team
European framework for online integrated air quality and meteorology modelling: Methodology and plans of COST Action ES1004 (XY206 / EGU2011-13432);

2) Bernhard Vogel, Max Bangert, Heike Vogel, Rayk Rinke, and Kristina Lundgren
The Fully Online Integrated Model System COSMO-ART to Simulate Interactions of Aerosols, Clouds, and Radiation on the Regional to the Continental Scale (XY207 / EGU2011-1864);

3) Oriol Jorba, Carlos Pérez, Karsten Haustein, Zavisa Janjic, Jose Maria Baldasano, Donald Dabdub, Alba Badia, and Michele Spada
The NMMB/BSC-CHEM online chemical weather prediction system: current status of development and feedback interactions (XY208 / EGU2011-4223);

4) Benjamin Aouizerats, Pierre Tulet, and Laurent Gomes
Radiative impacts of aerosols on dynamics: Application to the CAPITOUL field experiment (XY209 / EGU2011-792);

5) Felicita Russo, Alberto Maurizi, and Francesco Tampieri
Studying the feedback processes in the model BOLCHEM (XY210 / EGU2011-14069);

6) Alexander Baklanov, Ulrik Korsholm, Alexander Mahura, Ashraf Zakey, Roman Nuterman, Bent Sass, Kristian Nielsen, Brian Soerensen, and Iratxe Gonzalez-Aparicio
Enviro-HIRLAM online integrated ACT-NWP modeling system with two-way interactions: History and current status (XY211 / EGU2011-13492);

7) Jacek W. Kaminski and Joanna Struzewska
Development and performance of a semi-operational chemical weather forecasting system EcoForecast.EU (XY212 / EGU2011-8816);

8) Shuai Zhu and Yang Zhang
Sensitivity of Simulated Chemical Concentrations and Aerosol-Meteorology Interactions to Aerosol Treatments in WRF/Chem (XY213 / EGU2011-474).
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