Co-Conveners: Walter Schmidt , Stefano Nativi 
 / Thu, 07 Apr, 15:30–16:15  / Room 40

Novel Internet technologies, sensors, processing algorithms, services and standards are changing the way we handle observations. The development of “Observation Web” promises exchange, processing, and interactive working with huge observation data sets from highly heterogeneous sources - independently on the administrative and domain borders.
This session gives an overview of the state of the art and latest “Observation Web” related developments. It features the recent developments of Observation Web related open standards, generic data models and software, as well as the scenarios and experiments in various usage domains:

The session particularly encourages presentations and discussions related to following topics:

1. Sensor networks: which phenomena can be observed using various in-situ and remote sensors: physical limitations, reliability, long-term stability; which applications can (not) be realized within these limitations?
2. Data distribution: standards, architectures, use cases, policies, real-time, heterogeneity, large data sets.
3. Managing large data sets: data fusion, image processing, trust & uncertainty, distributed data and meta-information management, cost and performance.
4. Business Models: how to achieve sustainability, how to monetize data delivery, SLAs, subscription models.
5. Citizen scientists: Open data access and citizens scientists, human observation, privacy, social impact.

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