Convener: Monika Rhein 
 / Mon, 04 Apr, 13:30–15:00  / Room 2

each presenter will have 5 minutes to give a summary of the most important findings discussed in the poster.

Public information: 13:30 – 14:00

Jonsson and Valdimarsson : Variability of volume and heat transport of water masses on
the north Icelandic shelf

Richter and Maus : Interannual hydrography of the Norwegian Atlantic Current: local
forcing versus advection

Denker et al : Transport over the Midatalantic Ridge through the Faraday
Fracture Zone

Uhe et al : Transport variability in the NAC inferred from altimetry

Desbruyeres et al : Long-term variability of the NAC system in a realistic simulation

Boisseson et al : Origin, formation and variability of the subpolar mode water observed
over the Reykjanes Ridge

14:00 – 14.30

Karbe et al : DWBC observations off Flemish cap during 2009/2010

Mulet et al : Combination of in-situ and satellite observations to monitor the ocean state:
application to the North Atlantic

Spence et al : The role of bottom pressure torques on the interior pathways of NADW

Li et al : Estimate of diapycnal mixing from eight hydrographic surveys in the subpolar
North Atlantic

Scholz and Lohmann : Decadal variability in a new high-resolution model of the North

Minobe et al : Atmospheric response to the Gulf stream: shallow and deep heating modes


Troupin et al. : EOF analysis of SST in the Canary Island – Madeira region

Schneider et al : Mixed Layer evolution in the subpolar North Atlantic

Hu et al : Impact of the background conditions on the climate response to external

Piscozub and Gutowska : Constraining the MOC influence on the 20th century global
temperature trends

Dail and Wunsch : Synthesizing benthic and planktonic proxy records: state estimation of the Last Glacial Maximum North Atlantic Circulation

Conte and Weber : Seasonal and decadal patterns in deep ocean particle flux in the
Sargasso Sea and linkage with upper ocean physics and biology
Related event: OS1.2/CL2.2 – The North Atlantic and climate (co-organized)
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