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Oral Programme PS4.2


Vesta science and exploration by Dawn
Convener: H. Hiesinger 
Oral Programme
 / Thu, 26 Apr, 08:30–12:15  / Room 32
Poster Programme
 / Attendance Thu, 26 Apr, 17:30–19:00  / Hall XL

Thursday, 26 April 2012
Room 32
Chairperson: Hiesinger/Mottola
Dawn Explores Vesta: Current Status, Future Plans Press & Media
C. T. Russell, C. A. Raymond, R. Jaumann, and H. Y. McSween
Geophysical Observations of Vesta from Dawn Press & Media
C. A. Raymond, M. T. Zuber, A. S. Konopliv, S. W. Asmar, R. S. Park, D. E. Smith, F. Preusker, R. Jaumann, C.T. Russell, R. W. Gaskell, U. R. Christensen, A. Ermakov, A. Nathues, S. Mottola, P. Tricarico, and M. J. Toplis
Vesta: A Geological Overview Press & Media
R. Jaumann and the Dawn Geosciences
The surface of Vesta in colors Press & Media
A. Nathues, L. LeCorre, V. Reddy, J. J. Li, B. Denevi, B. B. Buratti, H. H. Sierks, S.E. Schröder, C.M. Pieters, R. Gaskell, K.J. Becker, C.H. Hiesinger, P. Gutiérrez Marqués, and C.T. Russell
Colors and photometry of bright materials on Vesta as seen by the Dawn Framing Camera
S.E. Schröder, J.-Y. Li, D.W. Mittlefehldt, C.M. Pieters, M.C. De Sanctis, H. Hiesinger, D.T. Blewett, C.T. Russell, C.A. Raymond, H.U. Keller, and A. Nathues
Characterization of Mineralogy across Vesta Press & Media
M. C. De Sanctis, E. Ammannito, M.T. Capria, F. Capaccioni, F. Carraro, S. Fonte, A. Frigeri, G. Magni, S. Marchi, E. Palomba, F. Tosi, F. Zambon, T.B. McCord, L.A. McFadden, H. McSween, D.W. Mittlefehldt, C.M. Pieters, C.A. Raymond, and C.T. Russell
Vesta and the HED meteorites: comparison of spectral properties
E. Ammannito, M.C. De Sanctis, S. Fonte, G. Magni, F. Capaccioni, F. Tosi, M.T. Capria, D. Blewett, J.P. Combe, M. Farina, T. B. McCoord, D.W. Mittlefehldt, E. Palomba, H. McSween, C. Pieters, J. Sunshine, T.N. Titus, M Toplis, C.T. Russell, and C.A. Raymond
Local thermal properties of the surface of Vesta
M. T. Capria, F. Tosi, F. Capaccioni, M. C. De Sanctis, E. Palomba, E. Ammannito, F. Carraro, S. Fonte, T. N. Titus, J. - P. Combe, M. Toplis, J. Sunshine, M. Fulchignoni, C. T. Russel, and C. A. Raymond
Early Results for the Geochemistry of Vesta from Gamma Ray and Neutron Spectroscopy Press & Media
TH Prettyman, MJ Toplis, A Beck, WC Feldman, O Forni, SP Joy, DJ Lawrence, TJ McCoy, LA McFadden, HY McSween, DW Mittlefehldt, CA Polanskey, MD Rayman, CA Raymond, RC Reedy, CT Russell, and TN Titus
Observations of Marcia Crater from Dawn's Low-Altitude Mapping Orbit
B. W. Denevi, D. T. Blewett, F. Capaccioni, M. C. De Sanctis, W. B. Garry, J. Y. Li, S. Marchi, T. J. McCoy, A. Nathues, N. E. Petro, C. A. Raymond, C. T. Russell, P. Schenk, J. E. C. Scully, J. M. Sunshine, D. A. Williams, and R. A. Yingst
Dark Material Deposits on Vesta: composition and mineralogy
E. Palomba, J. Ph. Combe, T. B. McCord, M. C. De Sanctis, E. Ammanito, A. Longobardo, F. Tosi, F. Capaccioni, D. T. Blewett, R. Jaumann, H. McSween, C. A. Raymond, V. Reddy, D. Williams, and C. T. Russell
Vesta Surface Dark Material Deposits from Dawn Observations: A Working Hypothesis for Origin and Processes
T.B. McCord, J-Ph. Combe, R. Jaumann, E. Palomba, V. Reddy, D.T. Blewett, H.Y. McSween, D.A. Williams, C.A. Raymond, C.T. Russell, and The Dawn Team
Vesta Collisional History Revealed by DAWN
S. Marchi, H.Y. McSween, D.P. O'Brien, P. Schenk, M.C. De Sanctis, R. Gaskell, H. Hiesinger, R. Jaumann, S. Mottola, F. Preusker, C.A. Raymond, T. Roatsch, C.T. Russell, and R.A. Yingst
Cratering on 4 Vesta - Comparison of Crater Retention Ages and Ar-Ar Ages of HED Meteorites.
N. Schmedemann, T. Kneissl, G. Michael, G. Neukum, A. Nathues, H. Sierks, R. Wagner, K. Krohn, V. Reddy, H. Hiesinger, R. Jaumann, C. A. Raymond, and C. T. Russell