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Oral Programme TS2.2


Stress states of the Earth's crust and stress inversion techniques
Convener: D. Koehn  | Co-Conveners: O. Lacombe , R. Soliva 
Oral Programme
 / Tue, 24 Apr, 08:30–10:00  / Room 11
Poster Programme
 / Attendance Tue, 24 Apr, 17:30–19:00  / Hall A

Tuesday, 24 April 2012
Room 11
Chairperson: Daniel Koehn, Olivier Lacombe
Stylolite morphology, stress and strain markers (solicited)
R. Toussaint, A. Rolland, D. Koehn, E. Aharonov, P. Baud, J.P. Gratier, F. Renard, M. Ebner, F. Cornet, J. Schmittbuhl, and N. Conil
Stress and strain evolution in foreland basins and its relation to the structural style : insights from the Bighorn Basin (Wyoming, USA)
N. Beaudoin, R. Leprêtre, N. Bellahsen, O. Lacombe, K. Amrouch, J.-P. Callot, L. Emmanuel, and J.-M. Daniel
Significance of fault-slip analyses in active and fossil orogens
U. Riller, I. Lenauer, H. Daxberger, and T. Santimano
Paleo-stress inversion using a full mechanical scenario and multiple types of data
F. Maerten, L. Maerten, B. Madden, and D.D. Pollard
09:30–09:45 EGU2012-529
Stress and strain studies in the Zagros region, southwest Iran (withdrawn)
S. Pourbeyranvand, B. Lund, Z. H. Shomali, Th. Árnadóttir, and M. Tatar
Stress patterns of the Plio-Quaternary brittle deformation along the Calama-Olacapato-El Toro Fault, Central Andes
F. Lanza, A. Tibaldi, G. P. Waite, C. Corazzato, F. Bonali, and A. Nardin