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Poster Programme GMPV2.1/GD2.7/SM4.2/TS1.4


Geochemical, petrological and physical discontinuities in the lithospheric mantle: supporting evidence and hypotheses for their origin (co-organized)
Convener: I. Ashchepkov  | Co-Convener: J. van Hunen 
Oral Programme
 / Mon, 23 Apr, 08:30–10:00  / Room 27
Poster Programme
 / Attendance Mon, 23 Apr, 10:30–12:00  / Hall XL

Attendance Time: Monday, 23 April 2012, 10:30–12:00
Hall XL
Chairperson: J. van Hunen., I.V.Ashchepkov, C. Szabo
EGU2012-1166 | presentation
Deep seated inclusions in kimberlites from Kharamai field and some kimberlite fields of Prianabarie.
I.V. Ashchepkov, S.S. Kuligin, V.P. Afanasiev, N.V. Vladykin, S.I. Kostrovitsky, M.I. Lelyukh, M.A. Vavilov, E.N. Nigmatulina, and S.V. Palessky

EGU2012-1195 | presentation
Cr-Pyropes and other mantle diamond-associated minerals from placers on Tumanshet river (Birysa basin).
I.V. Ashchepkov, K.N. Egorov, M.A. Vavilov, E.I. Nikolenko, V.P. Afanaseiv, E.N. Nigmatulina EN, and S.V. Palessky

EGU2012-1205 | presentation
Lithospheric mantle transects trough the fields of kimberlitic magmatism in Siberian Craton.
I.V. Ashchepkov, S.S. Kuligin, N.V. Vladykin, A.P. Smelov, V.P. Afanasiev, T. Ntaflos, M.I Lelyukh, S.I. Kostrovitsky, N.S. Tychkov, A.M. Agashev, Yu.I. Ovchinnikov, E.N. Nigmatulina, and O.S. Khmelnikova

Variations of the Fe# of garnet, olivine and other peridotite minerals in the mantle columns beneath the Yakutian kimberlites.
I. Ashchepkov, T Ntaflos, A. Logvinova, A. Smelov, N. Vladykin, S Kostrovitsky, S Lelyukh, V. Afanasiev, S. Kuligin, V Minin, H Downes, O Khmelnikova, E Nigmatulina, N Tychkov, M Skvortsova, and A Rotman

EGU2012-2978 | presentation
Structure and evolution of the mantle column beneath the Nakyn kimberlite field.
I. Ashchepkov, Yu Stegnitsky, V Minin, A Tolstov, N Vladykin, A Rotman, S Palessky, A Agashev, O. Khmelnikova, and M, Skvortsova

EGU2012-3552 | presentation
Composition and structure of mantle lithosphere in the Russian Far East according to xenolths study.
V Prikhodko, I. Ashchepkov, T. Ntaflos, A. Barkar, S Vysotsky, S Esin, V Kutolin, and A Prussevich

EGU2012-1682 | presentation
Single grain estimations of oxygen fugacity in subcratonic mantle lithosphere using compositions of Ilmenite, Chromite , Garnet and Pyroxenes.
I. Ashchepkov

Phase relationships of a lherzolite from the Roberts Victor Mine, South Africa: A study of chemical and physical parameters in the Kaapvaal Craton.
J. Globig and H. Sommer

EGU2012-1211 | presentation
Variations of the SCLM structures and geochemical features of the peridotites in different mantle terranes beneath Siberian craton.
I.V. Ashchepkov, N.V. Vladykin, S.S. Kuligin, A.P. Smelov, T. Ntaflos, S.I. Kostrovitsky, M.I Lelyukh, A.Ya. Rotman, V.P. Afanasiev, N.S. Tychkov, E.V. Malygina, Yu.I. Ovchinnikov, S.V. Palessky, I.V. Nikolaeva, O.S. Khmelnikova, and E.N. Nigmatulina

Highlighting seismic velocity variations in cratonic lithosphere from the consistent analysis of surface wave dispersion.
S. Fishwick, H.A. Pedersen, D.B. Snyder, and J. Fullea

EGU2012-3325 | presentation
Origin of the mantle rocks with green garnets (isotope and trace element study of the mantle xenoliths from Newlands dyke, South Africa and Nyurbinskaya pipe, Yakutia)
S. Sablukov, L. Sablukova, Yu. Stegnitskiy, and M. Karpenko

Titanium in garnets as indicator of inhomogeneous composition of lithosphere mantle
S. Kostrovitsky, D. Yakovlev, and Z. Spetsius

Geochemistry Study of Cenozoic Wangtian'e Volcano in Northeast China
X. Chen and L. Liu

EGU2012-8370 | presentation
Measured vs Calculated WR Geochemical Composition of Deformed Peridotite Xenoliths: Inferences About Metasomatism in Cratonic Mantle
A.M. Agashev, D.A. Ionov, N.P. Pokhilenko, A.V. Golovin, E. A. Surgutanova, and I.S. Sharygin

Redox state of cratonic and off-craton lithospheric mantle: new Mossbauer data from garnet and spinel peridotites
A. Goncharov and D. Ionov

Issues of oxygen excess in the crust and upper mantle lithosphere
Y.A. Balashov and E.V. Martynov

Lithospheric low-volume volcanism in the Middle-Amur basin and Tien Shan: Inherited geochemical signatures of terrains originated in closed paleoocean structures
I. Chuvashova, A. Mikolaichuk, and S. Rasskazov

EGU2012-13597 | presentation
Mesoarchean Gabbroanorthosite Magmatism of the Kola Region
N. Kudryashov and A. Mokrushin

EGU2012-3691 | presentation
Picroilmenite xenoliths and xenocrysts in Yakutian kimberlites.
N. Alymova

Eocene volcanism during the incipient stage of Izu-Ogasawara arc: Geology and petrology of the Mukojima Island Group, the Ogasawara Islands
K. Kanayama, S. Umino, and O. Ishizuka

Hard processing vs. episodic underplating of a terrain: isotopic signatures of mantle and crustal magmatic sources from the sub-continental lithosphere
S. Rasskazov and I. Chuvashova

The influence of Middle Paleozoic Yakutian plume on the geochemical modification of Siberian craton lithosphere
L. Solovjeva, A. Goncharov, and T. Kalashnikova

Continental growth by successive accretion of oceanic lithosphere: Evidence from tilted seismic anisotropy
V. Babuska, J. Plomerova, and S.I. Karato

Origin of garnet peridotites in the lithospheric mantle beneath the Siberian craton
L.S. Doucet, D.A. Ionov, G.P. Brey, A.V. Golovin, and I.V. Ashchepkov