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Poster Programme PS3.1


Outer planet satellites with an atmosphere
Convener: A. Coustenis  | Co-Conveners: S. K. Atreya , G. Orton , J.-P. Lebreton 
Oral Programme
 / Tue, 24 Apr, 15:30–17:00  / Room 28
 / Wed, 25 Apr, 08:30–12:15  / Room 28
Poster Programme
 / Attendance Thu, 26 Apr, 17:30–19:00  / Hall XL
Poster Summaries & DiscussionsPSD17.3  / Thu, 01 Jan, 01:00–09:15  /  

Attendance Time: Thursday, 26 April 2012, 17:30–19:00
Hall XL
Chairperson: S. Atreya and G. Orton
JUpiter ICy moons Explorer (JUICE): AN ESA L-CLASS MISSION CANDIDATE TO THE JUPITER SYSTEM (solicited) Press & Media
M. K. Dougherty, O. Grasset, C. Erd, D. Titov, E. J. Bunce, A. Coustenis, M. Blanc, A. J. Coates, P. Drossart, L. Fletcher, H. Hussmann, R. Jaumann, N. Krupp, O. Prieto-Ballesteros, P. Tortora, F. Tosi, and T Van Hoolst

Chairperson: S. Atreya and G. Orton
Expansion of the main auroral oval at Jupiter : evidence for Io's control over the Jovian magnetosphere
B. Bonfond, D. Grodent, J.-C. Gérard, T. Stallard, J. T. Clarke, M. Yoneda, A. Radioti, and J. Gustin

Chairperson: S. Atreya and G. Orton
Plasma precipitation and neutral particle emission at Ganymede
S Massetti, A. Milillo, A. Mura, S. Orsini, C. Plainaki, and V. Mangano

Chairperson: S. Atreya and G. Orton
Modelling the impact of the solar UV flux on Ganymede's atmosphere for constraining planetary missions: application to aeronomic emissions
G. Cessateur, J. Lilensten, M. Barthelemy, T. Dudok de Wit, C. Simon Wedlund, G. Gronoff, and M. Kretzschmar

Chairperson: S. Atreya and G. Orton
Ganymede Europa Neutral Imaging Experiment at the Jupiter's icy moons (solicited)
A. Milillo, S. Orsini, C. Plainaki, E. DeAngelis, A. Argan, D. Fierro, N. Vertolli, I. Danduras, S. Selci, R. Leoni, and J. Sheer and the The GENIE Team

Chairperson: S. Atreya and G. Orton
Models for Callisto's Plasma Interaction: Implications for the satellite's Atmosphere and Interior (solicited)
M. Seufert and J. Saur

Chairperson: S. Atreya and G. Orton
Ground-based observations of Io's volcanism and atmospheric escape
M. Yoneda, M. Kagitani, T. Miyata, and S. Okano

Chairperson: S. Atreya and G. Orton
A Shallow Entry Probe Mission to Saturn
D.H. Atkinson, T.R Spilker, J. Lunine, A. Simon-Miller, S.K. Atreya, W. Brinckerhoff, A. Colaprete, A. Coustenis, T. Guillot, P. Mahaffy, K. Reh, and L. Spilker

Chairperson: S. Atreya and G. Orton
EGU2012-8290 | presentation
Why do Saturn's energetic particle profiles look as they do?
P. Kollmann, E. Roussos, N. Krupp, and C. Paranicas

Chairperson: S. Atreya and G. Orton
Structure and dynamics of Saturn's inner magnetosphere - Cassini RPWS/LP observations
M. Holmberg, J.-E. Wahlund, M. Morooka, and S. Sakai

Chairperson: S. Atreya and G. Orton
Saturn's Periodic Magnetosphere: The Relation Between Periodic Hot Plasma Injections, a Rotating Partial Ring Current, Global Magnetic Field Distortions, Plasmapause Motion, and Radio Emissions
P. C. Brandt, D. G. Mitchell, D. A. Gurnett, A. M. Persoon, and N. A. Tsyganenko

Chairperson: S. Atreya and G. Orton
Planetary period oscillations in Saturn's magnetosphere: Evolution of magnetic oscillation properties from southern summer to post-equinox (solicited)
D J Andrews, S W H Cowley, M K Dougherty, L Lamy, G Provan, and D J Southwood

Chairperson: S. Atreya and G. Orton
Seven Years (2004-2011) of Cassini Measurements Reveal Strong Local Time Asymmetry of the Saturnian Ring Current (solicited)
N. Sergis, S. Krimigis, M. Thomsen, E. Roelof, D. Mitchell, D. Hamilton, N. Krupp, M. Dougherty, and F. Crary

Chairperson: S. Atreya and G. Orton
Global shape estimates and GIS cartography of Io and Enceladus using new control point network
I. Nadezhdina, V. Patraty, L. Shishkina, D. Zhukov, A. Zubarev, I. Karachevtseva, and J. Oberst

Chairperson: S. Atreya and G. Orton
A multi-fluid MHD Model for the dusty plasma environment around Enceladus
Y.-D. Jia, C. T. Russell, K. K. Khurana, and T. I. Gombosi

Chairperson: S. Atreya and G. Orton
Titan VIMS local surface-atmosphere separation using multi-viewing angle observations
M. Vincendon, S. Rodriguez, S. Le Mouélic, and P. Rannou

Chairperson: S. Atreya and G. Orton
Evolution of minor trace gases and isotopic ratios in Titan's stratosphere using CIRS/Cassini spectra
G. Bampasidis, A. Coustenis, R. K. Achterberg, D. E. Jennings, C. A. Nixon, S. Vinatier, P. Lavvas, R. Carlson, N. Teanby, F. M. Flasar, E. Guandique, and S. Stamogiorgos

Chairperson: S. Atreya and G. Orton
On the structure of Titan's tail
Z. Bebesi, K. Szego, N. Krupp, Z. Nemeth, G. Erdos, F.J. Crary, D.G. Mitchell, and S.M. Krimigis

Chairperson: S. Atreya and G. Orton
Shape from shading under Titan's sky (solicited)
B. Grieger

Chairperson: S. Atreya and G. Orton
XL350 EGU2012-8163
Anion Chemistry on Titan: A possible route to large N-bearing hydrocarbons (withdrawn)
C. Alcaraz, J. Zabka, M. Polasek, and C. Romanzin

Chairperson: S. Atreya and G. Orton
Reorientation Timescales and Pattern Dynamics for Titan's Dunes: Does the Tail Wag the Dog or the Dragon?
R.C. Ewing, A.G. Hayes, C. McCormick, C. Ballard, and S.A. Troy

Chairperson: S. Atreya and G. Orton
Titan's surface and atmosphere from Cassini/VIMS data with updated methane opacity (solicited)
M Hirtzig, B Bézard, A Coustenis, E Lellouch, P Drossart, C deBergh, A Campargue, V Boudon, V Tyuterev, P Rannou, T Cours, S Kassi, A Nikitin, L Wang, A Solomonidou, B Schmitt, and S Rodriguez

Chairperson: S. Atreya and G. Orton
Titan's lakes and Mare observed by the Visual and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer (solicited)
R.H. Brown, L.A Soderblom, C. Sotin, J.W. Barnes, A.G. Hayes, K.J. Lawrence, S. Le Mouelic, S. Rodriguez, J.M. Soderblom, K.H. Baines, B.J. Buratti, R.N. Clark, R. Jaumann, P.D. Nicholson, and K. Stephan

Chairperson: S. Atreya and G. Orton
On the True Nature of Uranus and Neptune (solicited)
Dr Helled