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Poster Programme AS3.11


Remote-Sensing of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide and Methane
Convener: S. Houweling  | Co-Conveners: M. Buchwitz , J. Notholt , H. Boesch 
Oral Programme
 / Tue, 24 Apr, 10:30–12:00  / 13:30–17:00  / Room 10
Poster Programme
 / Attendance Tue, 24 Apr, 17:30–19:00  / Hall X/Y

Attendance Time: Tuesday, 24 April 2012, 17:30–19:00
Hall X/Y
Chairperson: H. Boesch
EGU2012-772 | presentation
Application of KLIMA/G-POD algorithm to CO2 retrieval from IASI/METOP-A observations and comparison with GOSAT/TANSO-FTS products
L.M., Laurenza, U., Cortesi, S., Del Bianco, and M., Gai

Comparison between IASI and GOSAT retrievals in the thermal infrared
S. Payan, C. Camy-peyret, J. Bureau, and K. Shiomi

CO2 total column retrieval by mid-IR FT Spectroscopy
M. Buschmann, S. Dohe, E. Mahieu, N. Deutscher, T. Warneke, and J. Notholt

Intercalibration of column-averaged methane from the Total Carbon Column Observing Network and the Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Composition Change
R. Sussmann, A. Ostler, F. Forster, M. Rettinger, T. Blumenstock, M. De Maziere, N.M. Deutscher, F. Desmet, S. Dohe, D.W.T. Griffith, F. Hase, N. Jones, J. Mendonca, J. Notholt, M. Palm, P.K. Patra, K. Strong, and C. Whaley

XY97 EGU2012-7699
Retrieval of total column greenhouse gas amounts from low resolution ground based solar Fourier Transform spectra (withdrawn)
N. Jones, D. Griffith, R. Macatangay, D. O'Brien, and A. Clark

Retrival of the vertical columns of CH4 over Mexico City using Solar Absortion Infrared Spectroscopy.
A. Bezanilla, W. Stremme, and M. Grutter

The First Results From the New TCCON Station at Réunion Island
F. Desmet, C. Hermans, M. De Mazière, N. Kumps, F. Scolas, J.-L. Baray, and J.-M. Metzger

XY100 EGU2012-12644
An updated intercomparison of two TCCON FTIR instruments at Wollongong, Australia, in 2010 (withdrawn)
D. G. Feist, M. C. Geibel, S. G. Niebling, R. Macatangay, N. Deutscher, N. Jones, and D. Griffith

XY101 EGU2012-13218
Influence of vertical coverage on the comparison of total column greenhouse gases vs. airborne in-situ measurements (withdrawn)
S. G. Niebling and D. G. Feist

Comparison of column-averaged dry-air mole fractions of CO2 retrieved from TCCON ground-based FTIRs to Atmospheric Transport Model simulations
N.M. Deutscher, V. Sherlock, S. Mikaloff Fletcher, D. Wunch, P.O. Wennberg, D.W.T. Griffith, F. Chevallier, A.R. Jacobson, J. Notholt, P. Rayner, and T. Warneke

Calibration of column-averaged CH4 over European TCCON sites
M. C. Geibel, J. Messerschmidt, C. Gerbig, T. Blumenstock, F. Hase, O. Kolle, J. V. Lavrič, J. Notholt, M. Palm, M. Rettinger, M. Schmidt, R. Sussmann, T. Warneke, and D. G. Feist

Improved line parameters for CH4 around 1.6 microns
V. Gorshelev, A. Serdyuchenko, N. Humpage, M. Buchwitz, J. Remedios, and J. Burrows

CH4, H2O, and CO spectroscopy for the Sentinel-5 Precursor mission: an assessment with TCCON spectra
A. Galli, A. Butz, R. A. Scheepmaker, O. Hasekamp, J. Landgraf, P. Tol, D. Wunch, N. Deutscher, G. C. Toon, P. O. Wennberg, D. W. T. Griffith, and I. Aben

Lessons learned from GOSAT and toward to GOSAT-2 mission
M. Nakajima, A. Kuze, K. Shiomi, and H. Suto

The Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO-2) Mission and Experience Gained from the Greenhouse gases Observing Satellite (GOSAT)
A. Eldering, M Gunson, D Crisp, and C. E. Miller and the OCO-2 Science Team

EGU2012-2790 | presentation
CarbonSat: Quantification of random and systematic errors of column-averaged CO2 and methane retrievals
M. Buchwitz, M. Reuter, O. Schneising, J. Heymann, H. Bovensmann, and J. P. Burrows

EGU2012-2725 | presentation
The GHG-CCI Project to Deliver the Essential Climate Variable Greenhouse Gases: Current status
M. Buchwitz, H. Boesch, and M. Reuter and the GHG-CCI

EGU2012-11939 | presentation
Retrieval of atmospheric CO2 from satellite near-infrared nadir spectra: inter-comparison of different algorithms
M. Reuter, M. Buchwitz, O. Schneising, J. Heymann, H. Bovensmann, and J.P. Burrows

Preliminary results of the improved GOSAT TANSO-FTS SWIR XCO2 and XCH4 retrievals
Y. Yoshida, N. Kikuchi, M. Inoue, I. Morino, O. Uchino, S. Oshchepkov, A. Bril, and T. Yokota

PPDF-based retrievals of atmospheric methane from GOSAT observations
A. Bril, S. Oshchepkov, I. Morino, O. Uchino, D. Belikov, H.-S. Kim, S. Maksyutov, and T. Yokota

Evaluating the performance and added value of full physics retrievals of XCO2 from GOSAT.
S. Guerlet, A. Butz, D. Schepers, O. Hasekamp, A. Galli, and I. Aben

GOSAT three-years operation on orbit and updated Level-1 processing
H. Suto, A. Kuze, K. Shiomi, and M. Nakajima

Demonstration of Greenhouse Gas Sounding by IR-Laser Occultation by a Ground-Based Crosslink Experiment at the Canary Islands
V. Proschek, G. Kirchengast, S. Schweitzer, P. Bernath, B. Thomas, J.-G. Wang, J. Brooke, K. Tereszchuk, G. Gonzalez-Abad, R. Hargreaves, C. Beale, P. Martin, V. Kasiutsich, C. Gerbig, O. Kolle, and A. Loescher

EGU2012-11382 | presentation
Advancements in the Retrieval of CO2 from an Airborne IM-CW Lidar operating in 1.57-um Region
F. Harrison, E. Browell, J. Dobler, S. Kooi, D. McGregor, and Y. Choi

Validation of XCH4 derived from SWIR spectra of GOSAT TANSO-FTS with aircraft measurement data
M. Inoue, I. Morino, O. Uchino, Y. Miyamoto, Y. Yoshida, T. Yokota, C. Sweeney, P. P. Tans, and T. Machida

Analysis of column-averaged carbon dioxide and methane concentrations simulated by NIES TM
D.A. Belikov, S. Maksyutov, S. Aoki, N.M. Deutscher, S. Dohe, D. Griffith, E. Kyro, I. Morino, T. Nakazawa, J. Notholt, M. Rettinger, M. Schneider, V. Sherlock, R. Sussmann, G.C. Toon, P.O. Wennberg, and D. Wunch

Comparison of TCCON and ACTM atmospheric CO2, CH4 and N2O column averages
R. Saito and the ACTM group and TCCON group

Global CO2 fluxes from GOSAT: First results from an inter-comparison of inverse models
S. Houweling, S. Basu, F. Chevallier, L. Feng, S. Maksyutov, P. Palmer, P. Peylin, Z. Poussi, and H. Takagi

Global CO2 simulation using GOSAT-based surface CO2 flux estimates
H. Takagi, T. Oda, M. Saito, V. Valsala, D. Belikov, T. Saeki, R. Saito, I. Morino, O. Uchino, Y. Yoshida, Y. Yokota, A. Bril, S. Oshchepkov, R. J. Andres, and S. Maksyutov