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Poster Programme GI1.3


Data Assimilation and Data Publishing in Geosciences
Convener: M. Diepenbroek  | Co-Conveners: J. Klump , Brase , A. Geyer , P. Fox 
Oral Programme
 / Mon, 23 Apr, 13:30–15:00  / Room 34
Poster Programme
 / Attendance Tue, 24 Apr, 13:30–15:00  /  / Attendance 13:30–15:00
 / Attendance Tue, 24 Apr, 13:30–15:00  /  / Attendance 13:30–15:00  / Hall A

Attendance Time: Tuesday, 24 April 2012, 13:30–15:00
Chairperson: Adelina Geyer Traver
Data Curation and Publication

Hall A
EGU2012-5175 | presentation
The Geoscience Data Journal: collaboration between data repositories and publishing houses in data publishing
F.L. Murphy, S.A. Callaghan, P.J. Hardaker, and R.J Allan

Data Publication: A Partnership between Scientists, Data Managers and Librarians
L. Raymond, C Chandler, R Lowry, E Urban, G Moncoiffe, P Pissierssens, C Norton, and H Miller

Quality Assurance in Publication Processes of Environmental Data
A. Düsterhus, F. Quadt, H. Höck, M. Stockhause, F. Toussaint, M. Dames, M. Lautenschlager, A. V. Hense, and A. N. Hense

EGU2012-8393 | presentation
Geoscience data: Defining policies and workflow tools for long-term storage of continuously and temporarily collected data
P. Gebauer, I. Kirchner, W. Peters-Kottig, J. Klump, R. Bertelmann, B. Rusch, D. Ulbricht, and M. Wattenbach

Competence Center for Earth & Environmental Data (KomFor)
M. Diepenbroek, S. Bernonville, R. Bertelmann, M. Bittner, J. Brase, H. Grobe, H. Hoeck, J. Klump, M. Lautenschlager, U. Schindler, I. Sens, S. Peters, F. Toussaint, D. Ulbricht, and F. Ziedorn

A future data environment - reusability vs. citability and synchronisation vs. ingestion
D. Fleischer

EGU2012-6036 | presentation
The Data Publication Process at WDCC with the Assistant System Atarrabi
F. Toussaint, H. Höck, M. Dames, A. Düsterhus, A.N. Hense, A.V. Hense, M. Lautenschlager, F. Quadt, and M. Stockhause

EGU2012-7058 | presentation
Publishing datasets with eSciDoc and panMetaDocs
D. Ulbricht, J. Klump, and R. Bertelmann

A68 EGU2012-7960
SOCAT - Surface Ocean CO2 Atlas - a showcase for transparent data management and international collaboration (withdrawn)
B. Pfeil, A. Olsen, A. Kozyr, S. Hankin, H. Koyuk, D. Bakker, C. Sabine, N. Metzl, and M. Telszewski

Data Systems and Models

EGU2012-12673 | presentation
Information Superiority generated through proper application of Geoinformatics
F. Teichmann

EGU2012-5991 | presentation
Environment Climate Data Sweden - Facilitating a wider sharing of environment and climate data
T. Klein, J. Langner, B. Broman, J. Svensson, B. Frankenberg, T. Langborg, and C. Bennet

A71 EGU2012-9211
The UK National River Flow Archive - systems and procedures for managing a national hydrometric data archive (withdrawn)
H. Dixon, J Hannaford, and MJ Fry

Gabcikovo dam and Liptovska Mara dam - statistical analysis of measurement data
J. Hakac and M. Sabo

Release of a 10-m-resolution DEM for the whole Italian territory: a new, freely available resource for research purposes
S. Tarquini, L. Nannipieri, M. Favalli, A. Fornaciai, S. Vinci, and F. Doumaz

WOVOdat Progress 2012: Installable DB template for Volcano Monitoring Database
A Ratdomopurbo, C Widiwijayanti, N-T-Z Win, L-D Chen, and C Newhall