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Poster Programme HS8.3.1


Monitoring and modelling transfer processes in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum across scales
Convener: N. Romano  | Co-Conveners: R. Angulo-Jaramillo , M. Javaux , M. van der Ploeg 
Oral Programme
 / Thu, 26 Apr, 13:30–17:00  / Room 39
Poster Programme
 / Attendance Thu, 26 Apr, 17:30–19:00  / Hall A

Attendance Time: Thursday, 26 April 2012, 17:30–19:00
Hall A
Chairperson: N. Romano, R. Angulo-Jaramillo, M. Javaux, M. van der Ploeg
Influence of the initial soil water content on Beerkan water infiltration experiments
L. Lassabatere, S. Loizeau, R. Angulo-Jaramillo, T. Winiarski, Y. Rossier, C. Delolme, and J.P. Gaudet

Hall A
Local and non-local controls of temporal stability of water content in the sandy soils of the Doñana National Park, SW Spain
M. L. Prados Garcia, J. V. Giraldez Cervera, C. Guardiola-Albert, and K. Vanderlinden

Hall A
EGU2012-4791 | presentation
Simulations of the soil moisture dynamics in the small scale forested catchment using mesoscale hydrological model
V. Sipek

Hall A
Simulation of Soil Water Content Variability in a Heavy Clay Soil under Contrasting Soil Managements
A. Pedrera, K. Vanderlinden, G. Martínez, A. J. Espejo, and J. V. Giráldez

Hall A
A189 EGU2012-13712
Behavior of the soil water content, for native grass field and native forest, under climatic conditions of the Atlantic forest in Southern of Brazil. (withdrawn)
R. M. Feltrin, J.B.D. de Paiva, E.M.C.D. Paiva, V. Sari, and L.S. Brites

Hall A
Energy balance closure methods of eddy covariance data tested by a coupled land surface - crop growth model
J. Ingwersen, P. Högy, A. Fangmeier, and T. Streck

Hall A
Use of the Aquacrop model for the simulation of wheat evapotranspiration in north-eastern Tunisia
A. Aloui, M. Masmoudi, F. Jacob, and N. Ben Mechlia

Hall A
Performance of evapotranspiration models for a maize agro-ecosystem: from bare soil to maximum coverage in irrigated and rainfed conditions
O. Gharsallah, A. Facchi, and C. Gandolfi

Hall A
Single Root Model for the Impact of Root Exudates on the Fate of Phosphorus in the Rhizosphere
S. Klepsch, D. Leitner, and A. Schnepf

Hall A
EGU2012-3021 | presentation
Water uptake patterns and root system architecture of Zea mays in a natural soil under influence of drought stress monitored by MRI
Steffen Merz, Andreas Pohlmeier, Christina Seidler, Dagmar van Dusschoten, and Harry Vereecken

Hall A
Comparing the performance of coupled soil-vegetation-atmosphere models at two contrasting field sites in South-West Germany
S. Gayler, T. Wöhling, E. Priesack, H.-D. Wizemann, V. Wulfmeyer, J. Ingwersen, and T. Streck

Hall A
Modelling and monitoring vegetation and evapotranspiration on an anthropogenic grassland succession in the Andes of Ecuador
B. Silva and J. Bendix

Hall A
EGU2012-8139 | presentation
Hydrological behaviour of a forested catena
D. Deraedt, F. Ridremont, H. Claessens, and A. Degré

Hall A
Sensitivity Analysis and Parameter Identifiability of the Land Surface Model JULES at the point scale in permeable catchments
C. Bakopoulou, N. Bulygina, A.P. Butler, and N.R. McIntyre

Hall A
Interpretation by numerical modeling of data monitored at a cover for a nuclear waste repository
M. Gran, J. Carrera, and M.W. Saaltink