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NH5.1 - New developments in tsunami science and in mitigation of tsunami risk, including early warning
Convener: S. Tinti  | Co-Conveners: H. Hébert , I. Didenkulova 
 / Thu, 26 Apr, 08:30–09:15  / Room 37

List of presentations (5 min each):

1. EGU2012-7301
E. Quentel, A. Loevenbruck, and H. Hébert
Tsunami hazard assessment along the French Mediterranean coast : detailed modeling of tsunami impacts for the ALDES project

2. EGU2012-10166
F. Schindelé, R. Bossu, N. Alabrune, P. Arnoul, P. Duperray, A. Gailler, J. Guilbert, H. Hébert, B. Hernandez, A. Loevenbruck, and P. Roudil
The French Tsunami warning center for the Mediterranean and North-East Atlantic (CENtre d'ALerte aux Tsunamis, CENALT)

3. EGU2012-5057
M. Raeesi and K. Attakan
The March 11, 2011 (Mw=9.1) Japan interplate earthquake: What happened and what is next?

4. EGU2012-5828
G. Pagnoni, S. Tinti, and A. Armigliato
Computed inundation heights of the 2011 Tohoku tsunami compared to measured run-up data: hints for tsunami source inversion

5. EGU2012-8569
F. Zaniboni, S. Tinti, G. Pagnoni, S. Ceramicola, P. Planinsek, and I. Marson
Evaluation of tsunami hazard associated to the Assi submarine landslide along the Ionian Calabrian margin, Italy

6. EGU2012-10808
S. Ceramicola, S. Tinti, D. Praeg, F. Zaniboni, and P. Planinsek
Potential tsunamigenic hazard associated to submarine mass movement along the Ionian continental margin (Mediterranean Sea)

7. EGU2012-9419
J. Behrens
Efficient triangular adaptive meshes for tsunami simulations

8. EGU2012-9290
L. Bressan, S. Tinti, F. Zaniboni, and G. Pagnoni
Calibration of a Tsunami Early Detection Algorithm (TEDA) for the sites of Catania and Tremestieri in Sicily, Italy

9. EGU2012-854
M. Engel, S.M. May, and H. Brückner
Revisiting boulder fields on Bonaire (Leeward Antilles)