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GM10.1/PS2.9 - Planetary Geomorphology
Convener: S. Conway  | Co-Convener: M. Balme 
 / Thu, 26 Apr, 12:15–13:00  / Room SM7

Poster presenters will talk about their work for 4-5mins with 1-2mins for questions. Below is the provisional programme:

Thomas Smyth - Airflow modelling over aeolian bedforms, Proctor Crater, Mars
Dan G. Blumberg - Radar observation of Venus' terrestrial analogues using TecSAR X-band SAR
Wil Poole - On the calibration of Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter surface roughness estimates using high-resolution DTMs
Uchaev Dmitry Valentinovich - A Multifractal Approach to the Analysis of Size-Frequency Distributions of Craters on Planetary Bodies
Balázs Székely - Feasibility analysis and residual evaluation of automated planar segmentation results of large-scale Martian surface structures
Alex Barrett - A Periglacial Landscape in Acidalia Planitia, Mars?
Susan Conway - Putative crater-floor pingos, paleolakes and periglacial landscapes in north Utopia Planitia, Mars.