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PICOs SM4.2/GD8.5/TS9.10


Seismic imaging and tomography: theory and practice (co-organized)
Convener: Edi Kissling  | Co-Convener: Ivan Koulakov 
 / Mon, 08 Apr, 10:30–12:00  / 13:30–17:00  / Room B5
 / Tue, 09 Apr, 13:30–17:00  / Room PICO Spot 4

Tuesday, 9 April 2013
Room PICO Spot 4
Chairperson: Ivan Koulakov
Theoretical aspects of seismic imaging

13:30–13:33 EGU2013-6879
Grouping of complex-valued frequencies in the Laplace-Fourier domain waveform inversion (withdrawn)
Yuji Kim, Sangmin Kwak, Wansoo Ha, and Changsoo Shin
13:33–13:36 EGU2013-4606
Near offset data truncation in the Laplace-domain waveform inversion (withdrawn)
Yuji Kim, Sangmin Kwak, Wansoo Ha, and Changsoo Shin
EGU2013-6426 | presentation
Prestack reverse time migration for tilted transversely isotropic media
Seonghyung Jang and Doan Huy Hien
Algorithms of seismic imaging and methodology

EGU2013-10154 | presentation
A new 3D Eikonal solver for accurate traveltimes, take-off angles and amplitudes
Mark Noble and Alexandrine Gesret
EGU2013-5596 | presentation
YASEIS: Yet Another computer program to calculate synthetic SEISmograms for a spherically multi-layered Earth model
Yanlu Ma
EGU2013-1800 | presentation
Bayesian approach to seismic traveltime tomography: developments for the simulr16 package.
Florian Bleibinhaus and Francesco Fontanini
EGU2013-1896 | presentation
Seismic waves attenuation in the lithosphere of the northern Basin and Range Province
Anna Dobrynina
EGU2013-4836 | presentation
Group Velocity Dispersion Curves from Wigner-Ville Distributions
Simon Lloyd, Goetz Bokelmann, and Victor Sucic
EGU2013-12127 | presentation
Comparing seismic tomographic images from automatically- and manually-detected arrival times
Daniele Spallarossa, Davide Scafidi, Chiara Turino, Gabriele Ferretti, and Alfio Viganò
EGU2013-2482 | presentation
Usability of ocean-bottom seismograms for broadband waveform tomography
Eva P. S. Eibl and Karin Sigloch
Seismic imaging in small-scale and exploration tasks

EGU2013-3182 | presentation
Application of converted-wave amplitude for fracture strike delineation - a physical model study
Chih-Hsiung Chang, Young-Fo Chang Chang, Po-Yen Tseng, and Chao-Ming Lin
14:03–14:06 EGU2013-6573
Waveform inversion technique for imaging gas hydrate and free gas zones on the Scotian margin: Case study using ocean-bottom seismometer data (withdrawn)
Angela Schlesinger and George Spence
EGU2013-3994 | presentation
A physical modeling study for the suppression of water reverberations by multi-depth streamers technique
Po-Yen Tseng, Chao-Ming Lin, Young-Fo Chang, Chih-Hsiung Chang, Li-Chung Sun, and Ruey-Chyuan Shih
EGU2013-9676 | presentation
Seismic tomography of 3D streamer data: an example from the British North Sea
Michael Schnabel, Bernd Schreckenberger, Axel Ehrhardt, and Volkmar Damm
EGU2013-6083 | presentation
Seismic waveform inversion and imaging of deepwater glacial sedimentary fans in the northern Norwegian-Greenland Sea
Audun Libak, Peyman Poor Moghaddam, Alexander Minakov, Bent Ole Ruud, Henk Keers, and Rolf Mjelde
Local earthquake tomography studies

Three-dimensional seismic velocity structure as determined by double-difference tomography in and around Emeelt fault
Adiya Munkhsaikhan, Antoine Schlupp, Catherine Dorbath, and Marco Calo
Crustal structure, seismicity and seismotectonics of the Trentino region (Southern Alps, Italy)
Alfio Viganò, Davide Scafidi, Silvana Martin, Daniele Spallarossa, Luca Froner, and Oscar Groaz
EGU2013-192 | presentation
Insights into an ultraslow volcanic spreading centre by an unusual LET: Seismometers mounted on ice floes
Edith Korger and Vera Schlindwein
A study of the Chingshui geothermal area from seismic tomography and other geophysical results
Han-Fang Liu and Yih-Min Wu
EGU2013-6646 | presentation
4D seismic structure beneath Spurr volcano, Alaska
Andrey Jakovlev, Ivan Koulakov, and Michael West
Ambient noise tomography studies

EGU2013-11869 | presentation
Broadband ocean bottom seismometer in the Gulf of Cadiz (offshore SW Iberia and NW of Moroccan margin): Characterization of ambient noise and tomographic model of the crustal structure.
Carlos Corela, Graça Silveira, Luis Matias, Martin Schimmel, and Wolfram Geissler
14:33–14:36 EGU2013-13033
Characterization of seismic velocity structure in the eastern Sea of Marmara region, NW Turkey, using ambient noise (withdrawn)
Digdem Acarel, Fatih Bulut, and Marco Bohnhoff
EGU2013-6667 | presentation
On the growth-speed of the ambient noise cross-correlation function and its application
Ying-Nien Chen, Yuancheng Gung, and Ling-Yun Chiao
EGU2013-5486 | presentation
Seismic structure of the Carboneras fault region, SE Spain from ambient noise analysis and laboratory measurements
Christina Kelly, Andreas Rietbrock, Daniel Faulkner, and Nicholas Harmon
14:42–14:45 EGU2013-6855
Resolving the crustal seismic anisotropy of Taiwan using ambient seismic noises (withdrawn)
Tzu-Ying Huang, Yuancheng Gung, Ying-Nien Chen, Ling-Yun Chiao, and Shiann-Jong Lee
EGU2013-12329 | presentation
3D shear-wave velocity structure of the eastern Tennessee seismic zone from ambient noise correlation data
Pierre Arroucau, Ayodeji Kuponiyi, Gordana Vlahovic, and Chris Powell
Regional and global scale tomography studies

EGU2013-1782 | presentation
Slab shapes beneath Izu-Bonin, Mariana, Kuril-Kamchatka, Aleutian, Sunda arcs and Taiwan from regional tomographic inversions
Jaxybulatov Kairly, Koulakov Ivan, Dobretsov Nikolay, Jakovlev Andrey, Zabelina Irina, and Wu Yih-Min
14:51–14:54 EGU2013-4268
Variation of the upper mantle velocity structure along the central-south Andes (withdrawn)
Xiaofeng Liang, Eric Sandvol, Yang Shen, and Haiying Gao
EGU2013-4004 | presentation
Verifying Slab-Induced Waveform Effects beneath Central Taiwan by Three-dimensional Simulations
Yu-Ting Huang, Li Zaho, Po-fei Chen, and Ling-Yun Chiao
EGU2013-9545 | presentation
Short-Period Rayleigh Wave Dispersion Measurements as an evaluation tool to estimate Madeira heat source depths
Catarina Matos, Graça Silveira, Luis Matias, Rita Caldeira, Carlos Rosa, Luisa Ribeiro, Nuno Dias, Frank Krueger, Joana Nunes, and Diogo Rosa
EGU2013-3112 | presentation
The high-resolution tomography of the upper mantle beneath the southern Bohemian Massif and its surroundings
Hana Karousova, Jaroslava Plomerova, and Vladislav Babuska
EGU2013-802 | presentation
Tomographic Analysis of the West Bohemia Seismic Zone
Catherine Alexandrakis, Marco Calo, and Vaclav Vavrycuk
EGU2013-8678 | presentation
3D velocity structure of upper crust beneath NW Bohemia/Vogtland
Mohammad Javad Fallahi, Sima Mousavi, Michael Korn, Christoph Sens-Schönfelder, Klaus Bauer, and Dirk Rößler
EGU2013-10067 | presentation
Geodynamical Interpretation of Crustal and Mantle Shear-Wave Velocity Structures Beneath the Carpathian-Pannonian Region
Yong Ren, Graham Stuart, Gregory Houseman, Bogdan Grecu, Constantin Ionescu, Endre Hegedüs, Slavica Radovanović, Yang Shen, and South Carpathian Project working group
EGU2013-8008 | presentation
Structure of the upper mantle beneath POLENET/LAPNET array, northern Fennoscandian Shield, revealed by high-resolution teleseismic P-wave traveltime tomography
Hanna Silvennoinen, Elena Kozlovskaya, and Eduard Kissling and the POLENET/LAPNET working group
EGU2013-4196 | presentation
Tomography of the upper mantle beneath the African/Iberian collision zone
Mickael Bonnin, Guust Nolet, Christine Thomas, Antonio Villaseñor, Josep Gallart, and Alan Levander
EGU2013-8230 | presentation
Heterogeneity of the Earth's upper mantle, from waveform inversion of over one million broadband seismograms
Andrew Schaeffer and Sergei Lebedev
PICO Discussion