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Open Session on Tectonics and Structural Geology
Convener: Fabrizio Storti  | Co-Convener: Susanne Buiter 
 / Fri, 12 Apr, 08:30–12:00  / Room PICO Spot 1

Friday, 12 April 2013
Room PICO Spot 1
Chairperson: Fabrizio Storti and Susanne Buiter
Magmatism, metamorphism and petrophysics

EGU2013-6524 | presentation
Diatexite Deformation and Magma Extraction on Kangaroo Island, South Australia
Pavlina Hasalova, Roberto Weinberg, Lindsay Ward, and Mark Fanning
EGU2013-1070 | presentation
The Eburnean granitic Djebel Drissa ring complex (Eglab shield, Algeria): post-collisional intrusions in a transtentional tectonic setting
Nacer-Eddine Merabet, Yamina Mahdjoub, Abdeslam Abtout, Bernard Henry, Mohamed Kahoui, Said Maouche, Atmane Lamali, and Mohamed Ayache
EGU2013-1529 | presentation
Constraints on strain rate and fabric partitioning in ductilely deformed black quartzites (Badajoz-Córdoba Shear Zone, Iberian Massif)
Pablo Puelles, Benito Ábalos, and Sergio Fernández-Armas
EGU2013-1520 | presentation
LPO patterns of successive equilibrium mineral assemblages in eclogites from Cabo Ortegal (NW Spain): a witness of a polyphasic high-pressure ductile deformation process
Pablo Puelles, Sergio Fernández-Armas, Aratz Beranoaguirre, José Ignacio Gil Ibarguchi, and Benito Ábalos
EGU2013-1739 | presentation
3D Visualization of Sheath Folds in Roman Marble from Ephesus, Turkey
Sebastian Wex, Cornelis W. Passchier, Eric A. de Kemp, and Sinan Ilhan
EGU2013-2451 | presentation
Correlation between the uniaxial compressive strength and the point load strength index of the Pungchon limestone, Korea
Hwanjo Baek, Dae-Hoon Kim, Kyoungman Kim, Young-Sup Choi, Sang-Soo Kang, and Jung-Seock Kang
Fold-and-Thrust Belts

EGU2013-6577 | presentation
Evaporite Detachment Characteristics and their controls on Fold-Thrust Belt Style: an Example from the Amadeus Basin, Central Australia
Lachlan Richards, Rosalind King, Alan Collins, Guillaume Backé, and Chris Morley
EGU2013-6563 | presentation
Detachments in Shale: Controlling Characteristics on Fold-Thrust Belt Style
Rowan Hansberry, Ros King, Alan Collins, and Chris Morley
EGU2013-3079 | presentation
On the Mesozoic deformations of the Central and Southern Taimyr fold-thrust belt
Dmitry Zastrozhnov, Andrey Khudoley, and Vladimir Verzhbitskiy
Geological structures and seismicity in foothills of western Taiwan and their implications of deformation in fold-and-thrust belt
Kenn-Ming Yang, Ruey-Juin Rau, Chia-Hsun Yang, Tzu-Ruei Yang, Shiuh-Tsann Huang, Wen-Wei Mei, Jong-Chang Wu, and Yi-Jin Tang
EGU2013-12848 | presentation
Evolutionary Model and Tectonic Subsidence History of the foreland basin in NW Taiwan
Yu-Chun Chang, Hsi-Chuan Peng, I-Wen Cheng, and Kenn-Ming Yang
EGU2013-2728 | presentation
Implications from vitrinite reflectance in two profiles of Coastal Range, Eastern Taiwan
Chim Lih Kae, Tsai Loung-Yie, Chang Chung-Pai, Yen Horng-Yen, Yen Jiun-Yee, and Liou Ying-San
The Eocimmerian history of Central Iran: the accretionary wedge of Anarak
Nadia Malaspina, Andrea Zanchi, Fabrizio Berra, Hamid Reza Javadi, Meysam Koohpeyma, Mohammad R. Ghassemi, Mohammad Reza Sheikholeslami, Maria Bergomi, Annalisa Tunesi, and Stefano Zanchetta
Extensional tectonics

EGU2013-8100 | presentation
New approach to date the extensional tectonics in the Betic Chain (Spain)
José Julián Esteban, José María Tubía, Julia Cuevas, Diane Seward, Alexander Larionov, Sergey Sergeev, and Francisco Navarro-Vilá
EGU2013-10957 | presentation
Post-Miocene extension in Central Anatolia; It's linkage to Aegean extension
Bora Rojay and Erman Özsayın
EGU2013-12605 | presentation
Provenance of metasediments and Miocene exhumation history of the Lavrion Peninsula, South Attica, Greece: a combined structural, (U-Th)/He, and detrital zircon U-Pb study.
Spencer Seman, Konstantinos Soukis, Daniel F. Stockli, Emmanuel Skourtsos, Haralambos Kranis, Stylianos Lozios, and Timothy Shin
EGU2013-3923 | presentation
Evidence for Neoarchaean extensional faults in the Vredefort Dome, South Africa.
sello mashabela
Strike-slip related settings

09:21–09:24 EGU2013-12149
Oblique core complexes: strike slip accommodated extensional structures in the Nadj fault system, Arabian shield (withdrawn)
Sven Meyer, Cees Passchier, Tamer Abu-Alam, and Kurt Stuewe
EGU2013-4186 | presentation
New constraints on the Mae Ping core-complex NW-Thailand: Is the Mae-Ping an Indosinian (Triassic) relict?
Markus Palzer, Juergen Oesterle, and Urs Kloetzli
EGU2013-2594 | presentation
Strike-slip brittle shear zone from coastal Deccan in and around Mumbai, India: Evidence for N-S extension
Gourab Bhattacharya, Achyuta Ayan Misra, Narayan Bose, and Soumyajit Mukherjee
EGU2013-11563 | presentation
Analysis of surface structures of major strike-slip faults
Shang Yu Hsieh and Franz Neubauer
Pre-Mesozoic basement of the SW Paris Basin (France): The structural pattern of the Stephano-permian basins revisited using combined seismic, aeromagnetic and gravimetric methods
Laurent Beccaletto, Eric Lasseur, Guillaume Martelet, Olivier Serrano, Laure Capar, and Stéphane Marc
EGU2013-10587 | presentation
Structural control and 3D modelling of a wrench rift basin: the Upper Rhine Graben of NW Europe as a case study - Contribution of the EU GeORG project.
Laurent Beccaletto, Edgar Nitsch, Birte Anders, Horst Dressmann, Isabel Rupf, Jörg Tesch, Heiko Zumsprekel, Davy Cruz-Mermy, Laure Capar, and GeORG Team
Morphometric analysis of El Salvador Fault Zone. Implications to the tectonic evolution. Central America.
Jorge Alonso-Henar, José Jesús Martínez-Díaz, and José Antonio Álvarez-Gómez
Regional geology, morphotectonics and geophysics

EGU2013-10302 | presentation
Tracing tectonics in topography in the Bükk Mountains, NE Hungary
Richard William McIntosh, Erika Bódi, Miklós Kozák, and Tamás Buday
EGU2013-2467 | presentation
The rectangular and oriented lakes in the Bolivian Amazon are not tectonic, and now what?
Umberto Lombardo and Heinz Veit
EGU2013-7836 | presentation
Indication of meta-anthracite by magnetotellurics in the Köszeg-Rechnitz Penninic window
Attila Novák, Antal Ádám, and Ernő Prácser
EGU2013-9566 | presentation
Lithospheric Structure of Arabia from the Joint Inversion of P- and S-wave Receiver Functions and Dispersion Velocities
Jordi Julia, Abdullah Al-Amri, Michael Pasyanos, Arthur Rodgers, Eric Matzel, and Andrew Nyblade
EGU2013-11787 | presentation
The Geology and Petrography of Yücebelen and Surrounding Area, Torul-Gümüşhane
Doğacan Özcan and Yahya Özpınar
PICO Discussion