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Red-Sea Research (former OS2.5), Geophysical Turbulence (former OS5.4) and Outreach (former OS4.8)
Conveners: Balasubramanya Nadiga , Vinca Rosmorduc  | Co-Conveners: Danielle De Staerke , Margaret Srinivasan 
 / Thu, 11 Apr, 13:30–17:00  / Room PICO Spot 3

Thursday, 11 April 2013
Room PICO Spot 3
Chairperson: Nico Augustin, Balasubramanya Nadiga, Vinca Rosmorduc
EGU2013-11639 | presentation
Seafloor spreading initiation in the Red Sea: constraints from geophysical data
Luca Cocchi, Marco Ligi, Enrico Bonatti, Fabio Caratori Tontini, and Najeeb Rasul
EGU2013-7188 | presentation
New insights into volcanism and tectonics in the Red Sea Rift
Froukje M. van der Zwan, Nico Augustin, Colin W. Devey, Rashad Bantan, and Tom Kwasnitschka
EGU2013-10487 | presentation
Mabahiss Mons, 25.5°N Red Sea Rift: Tectonics and Volcanism of a Large Submarine Dome Volcano
Dirk Metz, Nico Augustin, Froukje M. van der Zwan, Rashad A. Bantan, and Ali M. Al-Aidaroos
The Geological evolution of the Farasan Banks Using GIS , Remote sensing and ground trothing data, Southeast the Red Sea, Saudi Arabia
Rashad A. Bantan
Sedimentary characteristics, dispersal patterns and pathways of sediments in the eastern Red Sea
Najeeb Rasul, Marco Ligi, Neil Mitchell, Enrico Bonatti, and Salem Alnomani
EGU2013-2563 | presentation
Spatial heterogeneity of zooplankton abundance and diversity in the Saudi coastal waters of the Southern Red Sea
Ali Al-Aidaroos, Mohsen El-Sherbiny, and Gopikrishna Mantha
EGU2013-2804 | presentation
Occurrence of Diatom-Cyanobacterial symbiotic relationship in the coastal surface waters of Northern Red Sea
hisham khomayis, Ulrich Sommer, Ali Al-Aidaroos, Benjamin Kürten, and Reny Devassy
EGU2013-3947 | presentation
Portunoid crabs as indicators of the Red Sea fauna history and endemism
Vassily Spiridonov, Michael Türkay, Andreas Brösing, and Ali Al-Aidaroos
EGU2013-10496 | presentation
Calcification, photosynthesis and mucus production of the coral Pocillopora verrucosa along the nutrient and temperature gradient of the Red Sea
Yvonne Sawall and Abdulmohsin Al-Sofyani
EGU2013-7943 | presentation
Bacteria and Nutrients in the Obhur Recreational Sharm, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Adnan Turki and Mohammed Mudarris
Sediment characteristics and water quality in the two hyper-saline lagoons along the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia
Najeeb Rasul, Radwan Al-Farawati, Omer Al-Harbi, and Abdul Naser Qutub
EGU2013-9875 | presentation
New observations of eddies and boundary currents in the Red Sea
Amy S. Bower, Stephen A. Swift, James H. Churchill, Daniel C. McCorkle, Yasser Abualnaja, Richard Limeburner, and Ping Zhai
EGU2013-4001 | presentation
Sea Level Variability in the Central Region of the Red Sea
Yasser O. Abualnaja, Richard Limeburner, J. Thomas Farrar, and Robert Beardsley
EGU2013-4979 | presentation
Decadal changes in the Red Sea Deep Water properties
Turki Alraddadi, Neil Wells, and Loic Jullion
EGU2013-3440 | presentation
Vertical, horizontal, and temporal changes in temperature in the Atlantis II and Discovery hot brine pools, Red Sea
Stephen Swift, Amy Bower, and Raymond Schmitt
EGU2013-232 | presentation
Emergence of large scale structures in beta plane turbulence
Nikolaos Bakas and Petros Ioannou
EGU2013-2366 | presentation
Oceanic Interior Mesoscale Turbulence Revealed by ARGO Floats
Guillaume Roullet, Guillaume Maze, and Xavier Capet
EGU2013-3436 | presentation
Statistical Mechanics of the Geometric Control of Flow Topology in Two-Dimensional Turbulence
Balasubramanya Nadiga and Peter Loxley
EGU2013-12961 | presentation
Generation of vortex lens from turbulence collapse in a stratified fluid
Joel Sommeria, Guilhem Bordes, Jan-Bert Flor, and Louis Gostiaux
EGU2013-4663 | presentation
Kinematics of eddy-mean-flow interaction in an idealized atmospheric model
Sergey Kravtsov and Sergey K. Gulev
EGU2013-6640 | presentation
Interaction between geostrophic and near-inertial motion in a recirculating channel
Stephanne Taylor and David Straub
EGU2013-6653 | presentation
Energy Cascades in the Baroclinic Ocean Double Gyre Problem
David Straub and Balu Nadiga
14:36–14:39 EGU2013-6658
Eddy diffusion and meridional circulation in a periodic QG model (withdrawn)
Claire Murray, Susan Gaskin, and David Straub
14:39–14:42 EGU2013-10304
How large-scale eddy-eddy interactions shape atmospheric eddy momentum fluxes (withdrawn)
Farid Ait-Chaalal and Tapio Schneider
EGU2013-11143 | presentation
Jet Formation Mechanisms in the presence of Topography
Emma Boland, Peter Haynes, and Emily Shuckburgh
EGU2013-11555 | presentation
Characteristics of Geostrophic Eddies in the North Western Mediterranean as observed by Gliders and simulated by a high-resolution Model: formation, behaviour and dissipation
Anthony Bosse, Pierre Testor, Laurent Mortier, Pierre Damien, Claude Estournel, Patrick Marsaleix, Laurent Beguery, Karim Bernardet, Vincent Taillandier, Fabrizio d'Ortenzio, Louis Prieur, Laurent Coppola, and François Bourrin
EGU2013-4247 | presentation
The Euro-Argo education web site: using Argo data to teach data analysis and marine science
Valborg Byfield, Carolyn Scheurle, John Gould, Emina Macama, and Brian King
EGU2013-4404 | presentation
Earth Observation Training and Education with ESA LearnEO!
Valborg Byfield, Pierre-Philippe Mathieu, Malcolm Dobson, Vinca Rosmorduc, Fabio Del Frate, Chris Banks, and Matteo Picchiani
EGU2013-8065 | presentation
La Spezia and the research network for outreach and education in marine sciences.
Marina Locritani, Stefania Furia, Fabio Giacomazzi, Silvia Merlino, Anna Mori, Francesca Nacini, Elisabetta Nardi, Mascha Stroobant, Roberta Talamoni, and Olivia Zocco
EGU2013-10451 | presentation
Basic Radar Altimetry Toolbox: tools to teach altimetry for ocean
Vinca Rosmorduc, Jerome Benveniste, Emilie Bronner, Sander Niemeijer, Bruno Manuel Lucas, and Salvatore Dinardo
NASA/JPL CLIMATE DAY: Middle and High School Students Get the Facts about Global Climate Change
Annie Richardson, Susan Callery, and Margaret Srinivasan
PICO Discussion