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Subgrid modeling and parameterization in nonlinear geosystems
Co-Conveners: Fernando Porté-Agel , Isabel de Lima 
 / Wed, 10 Apr, 13:30–15:00  / Room Y10
 / Thu, 11 Apr, 13:30–15:00  / Room PICO Spot 5

Thursday, 11 April 2013
Room PICO Spot 5
Chairperson: Isabel de Lima
EGU2013-8856 | presentation
Validation of a Universal Multifractal downscaling process with the help of dense networks of disdrometers
Auguste Gires, Ioulia Tchiguirinskaia, Daniel Schertzer, Alexis Berne, and Shaun Lovejoy
EGU2013-11379 | presentation
Katabatic flow observations over a steep alpine slope
Holly Oldroyd, Eric Pardyjak, Marc Calaf, Marco Giometto, Hendrik Huwald, and Marc parlange
EGU2013-8771 | presentation
Improvement of a windgust parametrization and application with the Canadian Regional Climate Model in Switzerland
Charles-Antoine Kuszli
EGU2013-7194 | presentation
Multi Function Heat Pulse Probes (MFHPP) to Estimate Ground Heat Flux and Reduce Surface Energy Budget Errors
Francesco Ciocca, Varun Sharma, Ivan Lunati, and Marc B. Parlange
EGU2013-8860 | presentation
Similarity Analysis between near surface soil moisture and streamflow during recession events in an alpine catchment
Raphael Mutzner, Steven V. Weijs, Andrea Rinaldo, and Marc B. Parlange
EGU2013-5224 | presentation
Effects of evaporation in the ephemeral streamflow diurnal pattern: Case of Tambarga, Southeastern Burkina Faso.
Theophile Mande, Natalie C Ceperley, Steven V Weijs, and Marc B Parlange
EGU2013-13303 | presentation
Stochastic sub grid eddy parametrisation in a mid-latitude double-gyre ocean model.
Fenwick Cooper and Laure Zanna
EGU2013-7450 | presentation
Development of a nonlinear subgrid model for large-eddy simulation of the atmospheric boundary layer
Hao Lu and Fernando Porté-Agel
EGU2013-12411 | presentation
Large-eddy simulation of flow past urban-like surfaces: A model validation study
Wai Chi Cheng and Fernando Porté-Agel
EGU2013-5815 | presentation
LES of thermally-stratified wind-turbine array boundary layers: Fringe region approach for stationary conditions and results
Charles Meneveau and Adrian Sescu
EGU2013-11111 | presentation
Large Eddy Simulations to determine the role of dispersive stresses in the urban canopy layer
Andreas Christen, Marco Giometto, and Marc Parlange
EGU2013-11924 | presentation
High resolution LES study of the nocturnal low level jet
Marco Giometto, Marc Calaf, Holly Oldroyd, Jiannong Fang, and Marc B. Parlange
EGU2013-10021 | presentation
Large-eddy simulation of the diurnal cycle of the atmospheric boundary layer and influence of the radiative forcing during the Wangara experiment.
Cédric Dall'Ozzo, Bertrand Carissimo, Maya Milliez, Luc Musson-Genon, and Eric Dupont
PICO Discussion