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Posters ERE2.2/TS1.2


Field methods and analysis of field data for CO2 geological storage (co-organized)
Convener: Auli Niemi  | Co-Conveners: Jesús Carrera , Martin Sauter , Marco Dentz , Michael Kühn 
 / Tue, 09 Apr, 10:30–12:00  / Room G12
 / Attendance Tue, 09 Apr, 17:30–19:00  / Blue Posters
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Attendance Time: Tuesday, 9 April 2013, 17:30–19:00
Blue Posters
Chairperson: Auli Niemi,Tim Tambach, Marco Dentz,Martin Sauter
Eddy Covariance Method for CO2 Emission Measurements: CCS Applications, Principles, Instrumentation and Software
George Burba, Rod Madsen, and Kristin Feese

Understanding the Eruption Dynamics of CO2-driven Cold-Water Geyser: Implications on CO2 Sequestration Processes
Weon Shik Han, Zachary Watson, Na-Hyun Jung, and Kue-Young Kim

The CO2 Vadose Project - Buffering capacity of a carbonate vadose zone on induced CO2 leakage. Part 2: reversed numerical simulation with PHREEQC
Corinne Loisy, Grégory Cohen, Olivier Le roux, Bruno Garcia, Virgile Rouchon, Philippe Delaplace, and Adrian Cérepi

Modelling gas transport in the shallow subsurface in the Maguelone field experiment
Farzad Basirat, Auli Niemi, Hervé Perroud, Johanna Lofi, Nataliya Denchik, Gérard Lods, Philippe Pezard, Prabhakar Sharma, and Fritjof Fagerlund

B132 EGU2013-2941
A fluid pressure model for the development of strata bound fracture systems and its application to the assessment of caprock integrity. (withdrawn)
Christopher McDermott, Katriona Edlemann, Alexander Clapham, and R. Stuart Haszeldine

Seal assessment and estimated storage capacities of a targeted CO2 reservoir based on new displacement pressures in SW Wyoming, U.S.A.
Lynsey Spaeth, Erin Campbell-Stone, Ranie Lynds, Carol Frost, and J. Fred McLaughlin

New stable isotope results for reservoir and above zone monitoring in CCS from the Ketzin pilot site, Germany
Martin Nowak, Robert van Geldern, Anssi Myrttinen, Becker Veith, Martin Zimmer, and Johannes Barth

Hydrochemical field investigations at a potential CO2 storage site - analysis of natural salinisation processes as an indicator for deep reaching flow processes in Eastern Brandenburg (Germany)
Ricarda Endler, Christoph Jahnke, and Oliver Ludwig

Inter-well field test to determine in-situ CO2 trapping in a deep saline aquifer: Modelling study of the effects of test design and geological parameters
Fritjof Fagerlund, Auli Niemi, Jacob Bensabat, and Vladimir Shtivelman

EGU2013-3683 | presentation
Single-well and inter-well dual-tracer tests for CCS pilot site characterization at Heletz (Israel): scope and limitations
Julia Ghergut, Jac Bensabat, Auli Niemi, Tobias Licha, Torsten Lange, Alexandru Tatomir, and Martin Sauter

Characterization of the indigenous microorganisms in Exter Formation sandstone rock cores obtained during deep drilling and evaluation of contamination by drill mud using fluorescein.
Linda Pellizzari, Dominik Neumann, and Hilke Würdemann

EM Methods Applied for the Characterization and Monitoring of the Hontomin (Spain) CO2 Storage Pilot Plant
Juanjo Ledo, Pilar Queralt, Alex Marcuello, Xenia Ogaya, Eloi Vilamajo, David Bosch, Lena Escalas, and Perla Piña

Application of the reflection seismic method for monitoring CO2 injection in a deep saline aquifer in Baltic Sea: A modeling study
Saba Joodaki, Auli Niemi, Christopher Juhlin, Daniel Sopher, and Monika Ivandic

Simulation of the crosshole ERT monitoring of the CO2 migration at the Research Laboratory on Geological Storage of CO2 in Hontomín (Burgos, Spain): assessing its feasibility and the optimal configuration
Eloi Vilamajó, Fabian Bellmunt, Pilar Queralt, Álex Marcuello, and Juanjo Ledo

B142 EGU2013-6946
Data from the Flowing Fluid Electrical Conductivity Logging of Heletz CO2 Injection Well and their Analysis (withdrawn)
Prabhakar Sharma, Chin-Fu Tsang, Auli Niemi, and Jacob Bensabat

Effect of permeability heterogeneity on CO2 sweep efficiency and implication for storage capacity
Liang Tian, Zhibing Yang, Auli Niemi, Andrew Cliffe, and Fritjof Fagerlund