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Posters IG4/AS4.12/BG1.4


Stable isotopes in atmospheric research (co-organized)
Convener: Jan Kaiser  | Co-Conveners: Ralf Koppmann , Thomas Röckmann , Matthew Johnson , Alexander Knohl , Matthias Cuntz , Matthias Zeeman 
 / Thu, 11 Apr, 08:30–12:00  / Room G7
 / Attendance Thu, 11 Apr, 17:30–19:00  / Yellow Posters

Attendance Time: Thursday, 11 April 2013, 17:30–19:00
Chairperson: Thomas Röckmann, Matthias Cuntz
Carbon, nitrogen

Yellow Posters
Stable carbon isotope ratio of aerosol particles from internal combustion engine
Andrius Garbaras, Agne Masalaite, Alfredas Rimkus, Saugirdas Pukalskas, Antanas Jurgelionis, and Vidmantas Remeikis

Yellow Posters
Atmospheric Aerosol Investigation In Vilnius using Stable Carbon Isotopes
Agne Masalaite, Andrius Garbaras, and Vidmantas Remeikis

Yellow Posters
13C measurements on organic aerosol - ambient samples versus source studies
Ulrike Dusek, Carl Meusinger, Beatriz Oyama, Wichert Ramon, Peter A. de Wilde, Rupert Holzinger, and Thomas Röckmann

Yellow Posters
Stable carbon isotope ratio analysis of biomass burning tracers in source and ambient aerosols
Xue-Fang Sang, Iulia Gensch, Werner Laumer, Beatrix Kammer, Chuen Y. Chan, Guenter Engling, and Astrid Kiendler-Scharr

Yellow Posters
Inferring marine sinks and sources of monohalomethanes from their carbon stable isotope composition
Enno Bahlmann, Ingo Weinberg, Tim Eckhardt, Richard Seifert, and Walter Michaelis

Yellow Posters
Incorporating the VSMOW and VPDB isotope scale into CH4 to produce isotope reference gases for CH4 in air
Peter Sperlich, Jürgen M. Richter, and Willi A. Brand

Yellow Posters
iSAAC; a fully automated analytical system for high-accuracy δ13C and δ2H analyses of atmospheric methane
Peter Sperlich, Magnus Wendeberg, Michael Rothe, Martin Strube, and Willi A. Brand

Yellow Posters
A method to measure paleoatmospheric δ13C-CH4, δ15N- N2O and δ18O- N2O in one ice core sample
Peter Sperlich, Christo Buizert, Theo M. Jenk, Célia J. Sapart, Markella Prokopiou, Thomas Röckmann, and Thomas Blunier

Yellow Posters
Can the carbon isotopic composition of methane be reconstructed from multi-site firn air measurements?
Célia Julia Sapart, Patricia Martinerie, Jérôme Chappellaz, Roderik van de Wal, Emmanuel Witrant, Peter Sperlich, Carina van der Veen, Sophie Bernard, Bill Sturges, Thomas Blunier, Jakob Schwander, David Etheridge, and Thomas Röckmann

Yellow Posters
Constraining N2O emissions over the last century by firn air isotope measurements in both hemispheres
Markella Prokopiou, Celia. J Sapart, Patricia Martinerie, Kentaro Ishijima, Sophie Bernard, Jan Kaiser, Roderik. S. W van de Wal, and Thomas Röckmann

Yellow Posters
Z267 EGU2013-14105
CO2 photolysis produces mass independent fractionation and a 16O13C18O clumped isotope anomaly (withdrawn)
Matthew S. Johnson, Johan A. Schmidt, Reinhard Schinke, Carl Meusinger, Roslyn Forecast, and James R. Lyons

Sulphur, oxygen, hydrogen

Yellow Posters
Z268 EGU2013-14108
Carbonyl sulfide photolysis in the stratosphere: Fractionation of C and S isotopes (withdrawn)
Matthew S. Johnson, Johan A. Schmidt, Shohei Hattori, Sebastian O. Danielache, Naohiro Yoshida, and Reinhard Schinke

Yellow Posters
Z269 EGU2013-14110
SO2 photolysis and photoexcitation produces 33S and 36S mass independent fractionation, linking sulfur isotope anomalies in cryospheric sulfate to explosive volcanic eruptions entering the stratosphere (withdrawn)
Matthew S. Johnson, Shohei Hattori, Sebastian O. Danielache, Johan A. Schmidt, Akinori Yamada, Yuichiro Ueno, Shinkoh Nanbu, and Naohiro Yoshida

Yellow Posters
Triple oxygen isotope composition of photosynthetic oxygen
Anne van der Meer and Jan Kaiser

Yellow Posters
EGU2013-11170 | presentation
Isotopic signature of production and uptake of H2 by soil
Qianjie Chen, Maria E Popa, Anneke M Batenburg, and Thomas Röckmann

Yellow Posters
Signature of molecular hydrogen emissions from tropical biomass burning
F. Alexander Haumann, Anneke M. Batenburg, Gerben Pieterse, Christoph Gerbig, and Thomas Röckmann

Yellow Posters
A possibility of retrieval of H2O and CH4 isotopologues concentration ratios from high resolution infrared measurements of atmospheric transmittance
Nikita Rokotyan, Vyacheslav Zakharov, Konstantin Gribanov, François-Marie Bréon, Jean Jouzel, Ryoichi Imasu, Christof Petri, Thorsten Warneke, and Justus Notholt

Yellow Posters
EGU2013-9030 | presentation
First observations of tropospheric δD data observed by ground- and space-based remote sensing and surface in-situ measurement techniques at MUSICA's principle reference station (Izaña Observatory, Spain)
Yenny González, Matthias Schneider, Emanuel Christner, Omaira E. Rodríguez, Eliezer Sepúlveda, Christoph Dyroff, and Andreas Wiegele

Yellow Posters
Using water isotopes in the evaluation of land surface models
Francesca Guglielmo, Camille Risi, Catherine Ottlé, Vladislav Bastrikov, Victor Valdayskikh, Olivier Cattani, Jean Jouzel, Konstantin Gribanov, Olga Nekrasova, Vyacheslav Zacharov, Jérôme Ogée, Lisa Wingate, and Naama Raz-Yaseef

Yellow Posters
Monitoring water stable isotope composition in soils using gas-permeable tubing and infrared laser absorption spectroscopy
Youri Rothfuss, Harry Vereecken, and Nicolas Brüggemann

Yellow Posters
The propagation of a soil H218O labeling through the atmosphere-plant-soil system under drought using H218O and C18OO as two independent proxies
Matthias Barthel, Patrick Sturm, Albin Hammerle, Rolf Siegwolf, Lydia Gentsch, Nina Buchmann, and Alexander Knohl

Yellow Posters
Novel insight into soil and ecosystem COS fluxes in an agricultural field
Kadmiel Maseyk, Ulrike Seibt, David Billesbach, John E. Campbell, Margaret Torn, and Joe Berry