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Limnogeology - reading the geological record of lakes (sponsored by the IAS)
Convener: Hendrik Vogel  | Co-Conveners: Marc De Batist , Martin Melles , Daniel Ariztegui 
 / Thu, 11 Apr, 08:30–10:00  / Room B11
 / Attendance Thu, 11 Apr, 17:30–19:00  / Blue Posters

Attendance Time: Thursday, 11 April 2013, 17:30–19:00
Blue Posters
Chairperson: Marc De Batist, Daniel Ariztegui
Initial insights from the Baumkirchen Palaeo-lake Record: Sedimentology, Stratigraphy and Geochemistry of a unique Marine Isotope Stage 3 succession in the Alps
Samuel Barrett, Christoph Spötl, Achim Brauer, and Peter Dulski

Lake Biel sediment record during the last 7500 years and impact of the Aare river deviation in 1878 AD.
Alice Jeannet, Juan Pablo Corella, Anna Reusch, Katrina Kremer, and Stéphanie Girardclos

Lake Geneva sediments: Archive for past environmental changes and human activity during the last 3000 years
Katrina Kremer, Juan Pablo Corella, and Stéphanie Girardclos

B781 EGU2013-5578
Within- and between-lake variability in proxy response to climate change: Quaternary diatom records of the circum-Mediterranean (withdrawn)
Jane Reed, Aleksandra Cvetkoska, Tim Jones, Ian Lawson, Zlatko Levkov, Katherine Roucoux, Chronis Tzedakis, Hendrik Vogel, Bernd Wagner, and Graham Wilson

Large mass movements, probably earthquake triggered, in Lake Geneva off the city of Lausanne revealed by seismic and sediment coring data
Jehanne Correia Demand, François Marillier, Blé Yrro, Katrina Kremer, and Stéphanie Girardclos

Postglacial paleoclimates of the Foxe Basin and surrounding regions (Nunavut, Canada): a multiproxy lake sediment archive study
Reinhard Pienitz, Anne Beaudoin, Biljana Narancic, Nicolas Rolland, Anne-Marie Wagner, and Claudia Zimmermann

B784 EGU2013-6510
Linkage between natural diasters and Kiwulan cultural hiatus over the last 1000 years in the Lanyang drainage system, northeastern Taiwan (withdrawn)
Jyh-Jaan Huang, Kuo-Yen Wei, Sheng-Rong Song, Chih-An Huh, Chih-Kai Chuang, Tien-Nan Yang, Meng-Yang Lee, Yu-Be Chen, and Teh-Quei Lee

Influence of geomorphic setting on sedimentation of two adjacent alpine lakes, Triglav Lakes Valley (Julian Alps, NW Slovenia)
Andrej Smuc, Dragomir Skabene, Gregor Muri, Polona Vreča, Radojko Jaćimović, Branko Čermelj, and Janja Turšič

Multi-proxy analysis of annually laminated sediments from two neighboring lakes in South-Central Chile: a continuous activity record of Villarrica Volcano for the past 600 years
Maarten Van Daele, Jasper Moernaut, Geert Silversmit, Sabine Schmidt, Karen Fontijn, Katrien Heirman, Willem Vandoorne, Maikel De Clercq, Joris Van Acker, Christian Wolff, Mario Pino, Roberto Urrutia, Stephen J. Roberts, Laszlo Vincze, and Marc De Batist

Timing and Significance of Mass Movement Events for the 3.6 Ma Sediment Record of Lake El'gygytgyn, Far East Russian Arctic
Maaret Sauerbrey, Olaf Juschus, Catalina Gebhardt, Volker Wennrich, Martin Melles, and El'gygytgyn Scientific Party

Holocene vegetation change in the eastern Pamirs, Tajikistan, inferred from the pollen record of Lake Karakul
Liv Heinecke, Ulrike Herzschuh, and Steffen Mischke

Microsedimentological investigations in lacustrine sediments from a maar lake: implications for palaeoenvironmental reconstructions
Guillaume Jouve, Pierre Francus, Arnaud De Coninck, and Frédéric Bouchard and the PASADO Science

Biogeochemistry of Kenyan Rift Valley Lake Sediments
Sina Grewe and Jens Kallmeyer

Late Holocene NAO and oceanic forcing on high-altitude proglacial sedimentation (Lake Bramant, Western French Alps)
Hervé Guyard, Emmanuel Chapron, Guillaume St-Onge, and Jacques Labrie

B792 EGU2013-10993
Lake floor morphology, sediment architecture, and patterns of sedimentation in Lake Torneträsk, northern Sweden (withdrawn)
Hendrik Vogel, Bernd Wagner, Peter Rosen, Carsten Meyer-Jacob, Benedikt Ritter, Florian Boxberg, Cristian Gudasz, Gerard Rocher, and Ian Snowball

B793 EGU2013-11076
Mid infrared spectroscopy as a potential new method for reconstructing past lake salinity (withdrawn)
Laura Cunningham, John Tibby, Sean Forrester, Cameron Barr, and Jan Skjemstad

A multi-proxy record of Holocene environmental change from Lake Chamo, southern Ethiopia
Tsige Gebru, Finn A. Viehberg, Ute Frank, Asfawossen Asrat, Michael E. Weber, Verena Foerster, Volker Wennrich, Janet Rethemeyer, Maxwell C. Brown, Henry F. Lamb, and Frank Schäbitz

Sedimentary records of earthquake-induced increase in sediment influx from lake catchments
Ulaş Avşar, Aurélia Hubert-Ferrari, Marc De Batist, and Nathalie Fagel

High-resolution bathymetry and sedimentilogy data from Lake Kivu's Main Basin reveals morphology and geochemistry controlled by active subaquatic volcanism since the Holocene
Kelly Ann Ross, Benoît Smets, Sandra Ogorka, Marc DeBatist, Martin Schmid, and Flavio Anselmetti