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Posters SSS9.11


Soil erosion and desertification processes in Mediterranean areas
Convener: Antonio Jordán  | Co-Conveners: Paulo Pereira , António Ferreira , Lorena M. Zavala , María Fernández Raga 
 / Wed, 10 Apr, 13:30–17:15  / Room B6
 / Attendance Wed, 10 Apr, 17:30–19:00  /  / Attendance 17:30–19:00
 / Attendance Wed, 10 Apr, 17:30–19:00  /  / Attendance 17:30–19:00
 / Attendance Wed, 10 Apr, 17:30–19:00  /  / Attendance 17:30–19:00
 / Attendance Wed, 10 Apr, 17:30–19:00  /  / Attendance 17:30–19:00
 / Attendance Wed, 10 Apr, 17:30–19:00  /  / Attendance 17:30–19:00
 / Attendance Wed, 10 Apr, 17:30–19:00  /  / Attendance 17:30–19:00  / Blue Posters
Poster Summaries & DiscussionsPSD18.10  / Mon, 08 Apr, 12:15–13:00  /  

Attendance Time: Wednesday, 10 April 2013, 17:30–19:00
Chairperson: LM Zavala, M Fernández-Raga and M Angulo-Martínez
Degradation processes in fire-affected areas

Blue Posters
EGU2013-899 | presentation
Medium-term evolution of water repellency and aggregate stability in Mediterranean calcareous soils after wildfire
Ángel Gordillo-Rivero, Jorge García-Moreno, Lorena M Zavala, Antonio Jordán, Arturo JP Granged, and Juan Gil

EGU2013-938 | presentation
Rock fragments induce patchy distribution of soil water repellency in burned soils
Ángel Gordillo-Rivero, Jorge García-Moreno, Gema Bárcenas-Moreno, Nicasio T Jiménez-Morillo, Jorge Mataix-Solera, Antonio Jordán, and Lorena M Zavala

Fire vegetative ash and erosion in the Mediterranean areas. State of the art and future perspectives
Paulo Pereira and Artemi Cerdà

Land use and soil management impacts

What has happened in about the last 20 years in the Canyoles watershed?
Félix Ángel González Peñaloza, Artemi Cerdà, and Fernando Díaz del Olmo

EGU2013-916 | presentation
How much mulch? No tillage and mulching practices contribute to enhanced soil water repellency.
Jorge García-Moreno, Ángel Gordillo-Rivero, Lorena M Zavala, Antonio Jordán, and Paulo Pereira

B614 EGU2013-14139
The present-day changes in raised bogs relief due to human activity. Case study: Polish Carpathian Mountains (withdrawn)
Adam Lajczak

Mapping soil degradation

EGU2013-1111 | presentation
Mapping and classification of geoforms in the Serra de Grândola (Alentejo, South West, Portugal)
Helena M. Neto Paixão, Fernando M. Granja Martins, Lorena M. Zavala, Antonio Jordán, and Paulo Pereira

EGU2013-5331 | presentation
Soil loss and desertification trends in Mediterranean desert areas through the use of satellite-only data
Lorenzo Campo and Francesca Caparrini

Spatial Distribution of Potential Erosion Rates at Hillslope scale in Prespa Lake Basin (Albania) using Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) elevation data
Fiorentina Jorgji, Zamir Libohova, and Spiro Grazhdani

Soil rehabilitation and restoration

Green ambrosia for Soil- Dry Cow Dung Powder: Rhexistasy to Biostasy
Hemlata Bagla and Nisha Barot

Short term changes of organic matter content in experimental plots with different treatments (Málaga, Southern Spain)
Paloma Hueso-Gonzalez, Juan F Martinez-Murillo, Jose D Ruiz-Sinoga, and Miguel A Gabarron-Galeote

Cost analysis of gully restoration in agricultural areas in Andalusia (Spain)
Carlos Castillo, Encarnación Taguas, Jose Mora, and Jose Alfonso Gómez

Soil erosion and degradation models

The Hairsine-Rose Soil Erosion Model: Analysis for Total Sediment Concentration
Graham C. Sander, D. Andrew Barry, Seifeddine Jomaa, and Jean-Yves Parlange

Soil erosion and degradation processes

Seal formation in arid soil under natural and laboratory conditions
Pariente Sarah and Eyal Sachs

A new method for describing soil detachment by a single waterdrop impact
Magdalena Ryżak and Andrzej Bieganowski

Comparative analysis of major erosive events in a set of small Mediterranean research catchments
Jérôme Latron, Francesc Gallart, Yves Le Bissonnais, Feliciana Licciardello, Nicolle Mathys, Insaf Mekki, João Pedro Nunes, Nuria Pérez Gallego, Damien Raclot, Albert Solé Benet, Patrick Andrieux, Hugo Jantzi, Sébastien Klotz, Roger Moussa, Olivier Planchon, Emilio Rodríguez Caballero, and Juliana Marisa Santos

B625 EGU2013-12039
Geomorphological system-internal parameters as control factors for gully growth rates (withdrawn)
Stefan Wirtz, Johannes B. Ries, and Manuel Seeger

EGU2013-13707 | presentation
Relationships between soil erosion risk, soil use and soil properties in Mediterranean areas. A comparative study of three typical sceneries
Juan Gil, Mercedes Priego-Navas, Lorena M. Zavala, and Antonio Jordán

Estimation of rainfall-driven soil erosion from different rainfall intensities, exposed areas and initial soil conditions
Seifeddine Jomaa, D. Andrew Barry, Graham C. Sander, and Jean-Yves Parlange

Upon erosion processes and dynamic condition of river bed
Roumen Gadjev