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ST6.1 - New and ongoing initiatives in ground-based solar observations
Convener: Nandita Srivastava 
 / Thu, 11 Apr, 10:30–11:15  / Room R12

This 45- minute session includes 2 sub-sessions
(i) 9 poster summary presentations of 2 minutes each (led by Christophe Marque, chairperson)
(ii) The remaining 25 minutes of this session will be used for open/panel discussion focussed on

(a) New telescopes and challenges for future instrumentation: led by
Thomas Rimmele, Manuela Temmer and K. E. Rangarajan

(b) Ground based network of instruments: Existing data & coordinated
analysis led by Frank Hill & Christophe Marque and C. Monstein

The overall discussion and session to be conducted by Joan Burkepile.

Public information: Poster summary presentations of 5 minutes each- Christoph Marque (Chair person)

Open discussion on 2 subtopics: Joan Burkepile (Chair)

(i) New telescopes & Future Instrumentation including multiwavelength coverage: Led by Thomas Rimmele, Manuela Temmer, K. E. Rangarajan

(ii) Ground based network of instruments,existing data & coordinated analysis: Led by Frank Hill, C. Monstein and Christophe Marque.