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NP6.3 - Turbulence in the Atmosphere
Convener: Carlos Yagüe  | Co-Convener: Francesco Tampieri 
 / Tue, 29 Apr, 17:30–18:15

The session includes short presentations of posters of session NP6.3 on Turbulence in the Atmosphere



1) EGU2014-13694
Mohamed Al Marzooqi, Ghouse Basha, Taha B.M.J. Ouarda, Peter Armstrong, and Annalisa Molini
- Observations of the atmospheric boundary layer height over Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: Investigating boundary layer climatology in arid regions

2) EGU2014-2976
Francesco Cairo, Alessandra Sabina Lanotte, Federico Fierli, Chiara Antonucci, Luca Di Liberto, and Camillo Cammarota
-Some statistical properties of lidar measurements in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer

3) EGU2014-3392
Simona Falabino and Silvia Trini Castelli
-Derivation of wind velocity standard deviation values in the urban inertial sublayer from observations in the roughness sublayer

4) EGU2014-11021
Taejin Choi, Christian Lanconelli, Mauro Mazzola, Francesco Tampieri, Angelo Viola, and Vito Vitale
-The vertical structure of turbulence in the atmospheric boundary layer: observations at Ny Alesund and preliminary analyses

5) EGU2014-12392
Graeme Marlton, Giles Harrison, Paul Williams, and Keri Nicoll
-Turbulence detection using radiosondes: plugging the gaps in the observation of turbulence


6) EGU2014-4000
Sabine Lennartz-Sassinek, Shaofeng Liu, and Yaping Shao
-Cluster analysis for description and characterization of boundary-layer eddies

7) EGU2014-8026
Giulia Ercolani, Catherine Gorlé, Chiara Corbari, and Marco Mancini
-RAMS sensitivity to mesh resolution in large eddy simulation of the neutral and convective atmospheric boundary layer

8) EGU2014-1631
Maria A. Jimenez, Joan Cuxart, Maja Telisman-Prtenjak, and Branko Grisogono
-Evolution of the energy budgets during a Sea-Breeze event in the island of Mallorca

9) EGU2014-10020
Sebastian Halsig, Thomas Artz, Judith Leek, and Axel Nothnagel
-Atmospheric turbulence models for space-geodetic applications

10) EGU2014-13498
Torsten Auerswald and Jens Bange
-Numerical Simulation of the turbulent flow around a wing


11) EGU2014-7365
Joan Cuxart, Burkhard Wrenger, M. Antònia Jiménez, Jens Dünnermann, Joachim Reuder, Marius Jonassen, Daniel Martínez, Laura Conangla, and Marie Lothon
-Evaluation of the effect of the sub-kilometric scale terrain heterogeneities in the surface energy budget through observations and numerical modelling

12) EGU2014-1629
Maria A. Jimenez, Wayne M. Angevine, Eric Bazile, Fleur Couvreux, Joan Cuxart, David Pino, and Mariano Sastre
-An intercomparison of mesoscale simulations during the Boundary Layer Late Afternoon and Sunset Turbulence (BLLAST) experimental field campaign

13) EGU2014-14853
Fleur Couvreux, Eric Bazile, Yann Seity, Marie Lothon, Francoise Guichard, Guylaine Canut, Fabienne Lohou, Henk Pietersen, and Dominique Legain
-Representation of the afternoon transition in Numerical Weather Prediction models: evaluation with BLLAST data

14) EGU2014-1779
Erik Nilsson, Marie Lothon, Fabienne Lohou, and Larry Mahrt
-Wind direction variability in Afternoon and Sunset Turbulence


15) EGU2014-1149
Driss BARI, Thierry BERGOT, and Mohamed EL KHLIFI
-Investigation of Sea Surface Temperature and local topography effects on coastal fog: Case study of 21-22 January 2008 event on the west coast of Morocco

16) EGU2014-491
Carlos Román-Cascón, Carlos Yagüe, Gert-Jan Steeneveld, Mariano Sastre, and Gregorio Maqueda
-Radiation fogs at two experimental sites in Europe: CIBA (Spain) and CESAR/Cabauw (The Netherlands)

Public information: Each presenting poster autor will have 2.5 minutes to present the main results of their work. After that the authors should be close to the posters in order to attend questions from people.