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HS10.4/GM7.13 - Linking river ecology, hydrology, and geomorphology for integrated river management
Convener: Josie Geris  | Co-Conveners: Paolo Perona , Megan Klaar , Matthew Johnson 
 / Tue, 29 Apr, 13:30–14:15

The aim of this session is to: (i) provide an opportunity for poster authors to present and discuss their work and (ii) provide an opportunity for joint discussion between the poster authors and the audience.

The following authors will present their work during this session (in this order):

Dick et al.:
Influence of catchment characteristics on the spatio-temporal dynamics of streamwater temperatures in montane headwaters

Johnson et al.:
Detecting phenology change in the mayfly Ephemera danica in response to water temperature variations

Schmalz et al.:
Impacts of land use change on hydrological components and macroinvertebrate distributions in the Poyang lake area

Kock et al.:
The effect of dam operation on the hydrology and ecology of a tropical riverine floodplain system

Maiolini et al.:
Drift induced by repeated hydropeaking waves in controlled conditions

Augustijn et al.:
RiverCare: towards self-sustaining multifunctional rivers

Verschoren et al.:
Implementation and implications of macrophyte reconfiguration in hydraulic river modeling

Eekhout and Hoitink.:
Morphodynamic regime change induced by riparian vegetation in a restored lowland stream

Gorla et al.:
Experimental response of Salix cuttings to different flow regimes due to human activities

Taube et al.:
Is nitrogen loading in wastewater more important than phosphorus? A historic review of the relationship between algae and macrophyte biomass and wastewater nutrient loading in the Bow River