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Understanding the Indian Ocean System: Past, Present and FuturePICO Session
Convener: Tim Rixen 
Co-Conveners: Raleigh Hood , Greg Cowie , Hermann Bange , Birgit Gaye 
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 / Fri, 17 Apr, 08:30–10:00  / PICO Spot 1
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Friday, 17 Apr 2015
PICO Spot 1
Chairperson: Tim Rixen, Birgit Gaye
08:30–08:40 PICO1.1
The Second International Indian Ocean Expedition (IIOE-2) |
Greg Cowie and Raleigh Hood
08:40–08:42 PICO1.2
Indian Ocean Research Data: Past, Present and Future
Cynthia Chandler, Robert Groman, Molly Allison, Nancy Copley, Stephen Gegg, Danie Kinkade, Shannon Rauch, David Glover, and Peter Wiebe
08:42–08:44 PICO1.3
The relationship between Arabian Sea upwelling and Indian Monsoon revisited
Xing Yi, Eduardo Zorita, and Birgit Hünicke
08:44–08:46 PICO1.4
Variations of the Arabian Sea nitrogen cycle: trend or decadal variability?
Birgit Gaye, Rixen Tim, Anna Böll, and Jerry Wiggert
08:46–08:48 PICO1.5
Thermocline Regulated Seasonal Evolution of Surface Chlorophyll in the Gulf of Aden
Ibrahim Hoteit and Fengchao Yao
08:48–08:50 PICO1.6
Impact of eddies on surface chlorophyll in the South Indian Ocean
Francois Dufois, Nick Hardman-Mountford, Jim Greenwood, Anthony Richardson, Ming Feng, Steven Herbette, and Richard Matear
08:50–08:52 PICO1.7
Oceanic isoprene and DMS distributions during low-productive conditions in the Indian Ocean
Dennis Booge, Alexander Zavarsky, Thomas Bell, and Christa Marandino
08:52–08:54 PICO1.8
Contribution of seasonal presence of cetaceans, earthquakes, drifting icebergs and anthropogenic activity to the ambient noise level in the Southern Indian Ocean
Eve Tsang-Hin-Sun and Jean-Yves Royer