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Cultivation of symbiont bearing benthic foraminifera: implication for palaeooceanography and the future of the oceans.PICO Session
Convener: Antonino Briguglio 
Co-Conveners: Johann Hohenegger , Wolfgang Eder , Julia Woeger , Shunichi Kinoshita 
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 / Fri, 17 Apr, 13:30–15:00  / PICO Spot 3
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Friday, 17 Apr 2015
PICO Spot 3
Chairperson: Antonino Briguglio
13:30–13:40 PICO3.1
The ‘Natural Laboratory', a tool for deciphering growth, lifetime and population dynamics in larger benthic foraminifera |
Johann Hohenegger
13:40–13:42 PICO3.2
Long term cultivation of larger benthic Foraminifera
Julia Wöger, Wolfgang Eder, Shunichi Kinoshita, Briguglio Antonino, Ferrandes-Cañadell Carles, and Johann Hohenegger
13:42–13:44 PICO3.3
The effect of carbonate chemistry and light levels on calcification and photosynthesis in the larger benthic foraminifera Operculina ammonoides
Shai Oron, Sigal Abramovich, David Evans, and Jonathan Erez
13:44–13:46 PICO3.4
Effects of light on the largest extant benthic foraminifer, Cycloclypeus carpenteri
Kazuhiko Fujita and Yoji Kanda
13:46–13:48 PICO3.5
Live confocal imaging of intrashell cytoplasm and calcification process in a symbiotic large benthic foraminifer Amphisorus kudakajimensis
Yoshikazu Ohno, Kazuhiko Fuita, Takashi Toyofuku, and Takashi Nakamura
13:48–13:50 PICO3.6
Morphogenetic role of F-actin meshwork in chamber formation: immunolabeling results from symbiont bearing benthic foraminifera |
Jaroslaw Tyszka, Markus Raitzsch, Jelle Bijma, Nicole Höher, Ulf Bickmeyer, Georginia Rivera-Ingraham, Paweł Topa, Karina Kaczmarek, Antje Mewes, Samuel Bowser, and Jeffrey Travis
13:50–13:52 PICO3.7
Heterostegina depressa growth model: what does cell volume tell us about biogeography and ecology?
Wolfgang Eder, Shunichi Kinoshita, Julia Woeger, Johann Hohenegger, Antonino Briguglio, and Carles Ferrandez-Canadell
13:52–13:54 PICO3.8
Oscillatory growth in Larger Benthic Foraminifera: problems, interpretations and possible solutions. |
Antonino Briguglio, Wolfgang Eder, Julia Woeger, Shunichi Kinoshita, Carles Ferrandez-Canadell, and Johann Hohenegger
13:54–13:56 PICO3.9
Three dimensional morphological studies of Larger Benthic Foraminifera at the population level using micro computed tomography
Shunichi Kinoshita, Wolfgang Eder, Julia Woeger, Johann Hohenegger, Antonino Briguglio, and Carles Ferrandez-Canadell
13:56–13:58 PICO3.10
Foraminiferal Range Expansions: The Mediterranean Sea as a natural laboratory for climate induced invasions |
Gloria Hortense Mouanga and Martin R Langer
13:58–14:00 PICO3.11
Invasive symbiont bearing (and other) foraminifera altering the community structure of eastern Mediterranean rocky reefs environments
Orit Hyams-Kaphzan, Lydia Perelis Grossowicz, and Ahuva Almogi-Labin
14:00–14:02 PICO3.12
Structure, diversity and environmental role of foraminiferal assemblages from reefal settings of Moorea (Society Islands, French Polynesia)
Olugbenga Fajemila and Martin R Langer