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Water quality at the catchment scale: measuring and modeling of nutrients, sediment and eutrophication impacts
Convener: Britta Schmalz  | Co-Conveners: Andrew Wade , Ype van der Velde , Michael Rode 
 / Fri, 17 Apr, 08:30–10:00
 / Attendance Fri, 17 Apr, 10:30–12:00

Attendance Time: Friday, 17 April 2015, 10:30–12:00
Chairperson: Ype van der Velde (Britta Schmalz)
Pollutants in river systems: characterising sources and pathways

Red Posters
Modelling global nitrogen export to ground and surface water from natural ecosystems: impact of N deposition, climate, and CO2 concentration
Maarten Braakhekke, Karin Rebel, Stefan Dekker, Rens van Beek, Marc Bierkens, Ben Smith, and Martin Wassen

Influence of teleconnection on water quality in agricultural river catchments
Per-Erik Mellander, Phil Jordan, Mairead Shore, Noeleen McDonald, and Ger Shortle

R3 EGU2015-14391
Approach to identify priority areas for water resources conservation in a tropical Andean watershed (withdrawn)
Jader Muñoz-Ramos, Antonio José Guío-Duque, and Miguel Barrios

Spatial and temporal variations of loads and sources of total and dissolved Phosphorus in a set of rivers (Western France).
Pierre-Louis Legeay, Florentina Moatar, Chantal Gascuel-Odoux, and Gérard Gruau

A critical source area phosphorus index with topographic transport factors using high resolution LiDAR digital elevation models
Ian Thomas, Paul Murphy, Owen Fenton, Oliver Shine, Per-Erik Mellander, Paul Dunlop, and Phil Jordan

R6 EGU2015-2369
Comprehensive Isotope and Tracer Analysis in a Semi-Arid Environment (withdrawn)
Vivian Camacho, Aline Saraiva Okello, Jochen Wenninger, and Stefan Uhlenbrook

EGU2015-983 | presentation
Modelling transport of storm-water pollutants using the distributed Multi-Hydro platform on an urban catchment near Paris
Yi Hong, Celine Bonhomme, Agathe Giangola-Murzyn, Daniel Schertzer, and Ghassan Chebbo

Horse paddocks - an emerging source of agricultural water pollution
Mohammed Masud Parvage, Barbro Ulén, and Holger Kirchmann

Understanding and managing the impacts of nutrient enrichment in river systems

Dynamic modelling of five different phytoplankton groups in the River Thames (UK)
Gianbattista Bussi, Paul Whitehead, Michael Bowes, Daniel Read, and Simon Dadson

R10 EGU2015-2980
Predictive modelling for nitrate transport in shallow aquifer-river systems (withdrawn)
Pedro Martinez-Santos and Silvia Diaz-Alcaide

Scale effect in nutrient transport along a rural river system: the River Eden, Cumbria, northwest, England
Fatai Oladapo Tijani, James Bathurst, and Paul Quinn

Characteristic of riverine dissolved inorganic nitrogen export in subtropic high-standing island, Taiwan
Li-Chin Lee, Jr-Chuan Huang, Tsung-Yu Lee, and Yu-Ting Shih

R13 EGU2015-5173
Nitrogen and phosphorus losses from small tile-drained agricultural fields treated with different fertilizers (withdrawn)
Renata Duffkova, Antonín Zajíček, and Petr Fučík

R14 EGU2015-6089
Nitrogen export from a boreal stream network following forest harvesting: Seasonal nitrate removal and conservative export of organic forms (withdrawn)
Jakob Schelker, Ryan Sponseller, Eva Ring, Lars Högbom, Stefan Löfgren, and Hjalmar Laudon

Influence of grassing targeted into the recharge zone on the nitrate concentrations and nitrogen leaching out of the drained catchment.
Antonín Zajíček, Petr Fučík, and Tomáš Kvítek

Characterization of the efficiency of sedimentation basins downstream of harvested peat bogs
Myriam Samson-Do and André St-Hilaire

Impact of data resolution, sensitivity and uncertainty on water quality predictions

How does higher frequency monitoring data affect the calibration of a process-based water quality model?
Leah Jackson-Blake and Rachel Helliwell

Conceptual model for improving nitrogen load estimates using event response reconstruction approach
Seifeddine Jomaa, Iyad Aboud, Joachim Rozemeijer, and Michael Rode

Detection of dominant modelled nitrate processes with a high temporally resolved parameter sensitivity analysis
Marcelo Haas, Björn Guse, Matthias Pfannerstill, and Nicola Fohrer

R20 EGU2015-14342
Overcome the Lack of Water Quality Data for Integrated Catchment Modelling. Case Study: River Dender – Belgium. (withdrawn)
Carlos Velez, Danitza Salazar, Karen de Boek, Veerle Gevaert, Steven Huysentruy, and Ivan Rocabado

R21 EGU2015-10987
Assessment of long-term phosphorus export from an agricultural catchment with scarce data (withdrawn)
Matthias Gassmann, David Brito, Klaus Kümmerer, and Oliver Olsson