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Open Session on Operational Oceanography
Convener: Richard Allard  | Co-Conveners: Jacopo Chiggiato , Paolo Oddo 
 / Thu, 16 Apr, 10:30–12:00  / Room Y2
 / Attendance Thu, 16 Apr, 17:30–19:00  / Yellow Posters

Attendance Time: Thursday, 16 April 2015, 17:30–19:00
Yellow Posters
Chairperson: Paolo Oddo
Developing a data assimilative forecasting system of the biogeochemistry of the North and Baltic Seas
Svetlana Losa, Lars Nerger, Ina Lorkowski, Thorger Bruening, Frank Janssen, Carole Lebreton, and Carsten Brockmann

Operational Global Deterministic and Ensemble Wave Prediction Systems at Environment Canada
Natacha Bernier, Syd Peel, Jean-Marc Bélanger, Michel Roch, Mario Lépine, Pierre Pellerin, José Henrique Alves, and Hendrik Tolman

Y163 EGU2015-7375
Operational implementation of the four-dimensional variational (4dvar) data assimilation system for the Navy coastal ocean model (NCOM) (withdrawn)
Hans Ngodock, Matthew Carrier, Scott Smith, and Jay Shriver

Subsurface temperature estimation from climatology and satellite SST for the sea around Korean Peninsula 1Bong-Guk, Kim, 1Yang-Ki, Cho, 1Bong-Gwan, Kim, 1Young-Gi, Kim, 1Ji-Hoon, Jung 1School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Seoul National University
Bong-Guk Kim, Yang-Ki Cho, Bong-Gwan Kim, Young-Gi Kim, and Ji-Hoon Jung

Spectra: the last advance of T-FLaP technology for in continuous oceanographic observations
Marco Marcelli, Viviana Piermattei, Alice Madonia, and Umberto Mainardi

Evaluation of an operational ocean configuration at 1/12° on the Indonesian seas: Physical/Biogeochemical coupling
Elodie GUTKNECHT, Guillaume REFFRAY, and Marion GEHLEN

The Red Sea Modeling and Forecasting System
Ibrahim Hoteit, Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, Hatem Latif, Habib Toye, Peng Zhan, Aditya R. Kartadikaria, Yesubabu Viswanadhapalli, Fengchao Yao, George Triantafyllou, Sabique Langodan, Luigi Cavaleri, Daquan Guo, and Burt Johns

Y168 EGU2015-11044
High resolution regional ensemble wave forecast system in the Mediterranean area: preliminary results (withdrawn)
Valerio Capecchi, Andrea Orlandi, and Francesco Pasi

Y169 EGU2015-7237
A Nested Domain Approach to Operational Preditions of Hurricane Induced Coastal Surge and Inundation (withdrawn)
Jay Veeramony, Andrew Condon, and Michael Gilligan

Y170 EGU2015-14483
California Coastal Ocean Nowcast and Forecast System (withdrawn)
Yi Chao

EGU2015-125 | presentation
An empirical investigation of nonlinear energy transfer from the M2 internal tide to diurnal wave motions in the Kauai Channel, Hawaii
Sherry Chou, Douglas Luther, Martin Guiles, Glenn Carter, and Thomas Decloedt

Recent assimilation developments of FOAM the Met Office ocean forecast system
Daniel Lea, Matthew Martin, Jennifer Waters, Isabelle Mirouze, James While, and Robert King

Temperature and salinity observations with high lateral resolution using acoustic data in the Gulf of Cadiz, NE Atlantic Ocean
Berta Biescas-Gorriz, Barry Ruddick, Mladen Nedimovic, Valentí Sallarès Casas, Guillermo Bornstein Ortega, and Jhon F. Mojica Moncada

EGU2015-7672 | presentation
Autonomous profiling buoy system: a new powerful tool for research and operational oceanography
Simona Aracri, Mireno Borghini, Devis Canesso, Jacopo Chiggiato, Sara Durante, Annalisa Griffa, Katrin Schroeder, Stefania Sparnocchia, Anna Vetrano, Yuji Kitawaza, Hisayoshi Kawahara, and Tetsuya Nakamura

Deterministic and Ensemble Storm Surge Prediction for Atlantic Canada With Lead Times of Hours to Ten Days
Natacha Bernier and Keith Thompson

Community effort in operational oceanography scientific assessment: recent progresses
Fabrice Hernandez, Greg Smith, Jan Maksymczuk, Charly Regnier, Andrew Ryan, Magdalena Balmaseda, Marcos Garcia Sotillo, Marie Drevillon, Bruno Levier, Gianluca Volpe, and Priidik Lagemaa

The global Mercator Ocean analysis and forecasting high resolution system and its main future updates
Jean-Michel Lellouche, Olivier Legalloudec, Romain Bourdallé-Badie, Gilles Garric, Eric Greiner, Marie Drévillon, Charly Regnier, Charles-Emmanuel Testut, Mounir Benkiran, and Yann Drillet

MyOcean Global and Regional Prediction Systems
Marina Tonani, Enrique Alvraez Fanjul, Laurent Bertino, Ed Blockley, Yann Drillet, Vibike Huess, and Gennady Korotaev