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PICO CL5.08/CR1.16/HS2.4.6/SSS12.21


Linkages between climate and impact models: uncertainty analytics to substantiate contextual demands (co-organized)PICO Session
Convener: Ole Rössler 
Co-Conveners: Sven Kotlarski , Andreas Fischer , Renate Wilcke , Annelie Holzkämper , Nadine Salzmann , Juan José Gómez-Navarro 
Session details
 / Tue, 19 Apr, 15:30–17:00  / PICO spot 3
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Tuesday, 19 Apr 2016
PICO spot 3
Chairperson: Juan Jose Gómez Navarro, Ole Rössler
Overview, comparison and selection of data and methods

15:30–15:40 PICO3.1
A user-targeted synthesis of the VALUE perfect predictor experiment
Douglas Maraun, Martin Widmann, Jose Gutierrez, Sven Kotlarski, Elke Hertig, Joanna Wibig, Ole Rössler, and Radan Huth
15:40–15:42 PICO3.2
Revealing, Reducing, and Representing Uncertainties in New Hydrologic Projections for Climate-changed Futures
Jeffrey Arnold, Martyn Clark, Ethan Gutmann, Andy Wood, Bart Nijssen, and Roy Rasmussen
15:42–15:44 PICO3.3
What is the benefit of driving a hydrological model with data from a multi-site weather generator compared to data from a simple delta change approach?“
Ole Rössler, Denise Keller, and Andreas Fischer
15:44–15:46 PICO3.4
EGU2016-14827 | Presentation
Forecasting European cold waves based on subsampling strategies of CMIP5 and Euro-CORDEX ensembles
Laura Cordero-Llana, Pascale Braconnot, Robert Vautard, Mathieu Vrac, and Aglae Jezequel
15:46–15:48 PICO3.5
Hydrological modeling as an evaluation tool of EURO-CORDEX RCMs and bias correction methods
Kirsti Hakala, Jan Seibert, and Nans Addor
15:48–15:50 PICO3.6
Impacts of climate change and internal climate variability on french rivers streamflows
Gildas Dayon, Julien Boé, and Eric Martin
Dynamical downscaling

15:50–15:52 PICO3.7
Evaluation of high-resolution WRF climate simulations for hydrological variables over Iberian Peninsula
Matilde García-Valdecasas-Ojeda, Sebastiano De Franciscis, Sonia Raquel Gámiz-Fortis, Yolanda Castro-Díez, and María Jesus Esteban-Parra
15:52–15:54 PICO3.8
Coupling study of the Variable Infiltration Capacity (VIC) model with WRF model to simulate the streamflow in the Guadalquivir Basin
Matilde García-Valdecasas Ojeda, Sebastiano De Franciscis, Sonia Raquel Gámiz-Fortis, Yolanda Castro-Díez, and María Jesus Esteban-Parra
15:54–15:56 PICO3.9
Downscaling 20th century flooding events in complex terrain (Switzerland) using the WRF regional climate model
Ulla Heikkilä, Juan Jose Gómez Navarro, Jörg Franke, Stefan Brönnimann, and Réne Cattin
15:56–15:58 PICO3.10
Producing physically consistent and bias free extreme precipitation events over the Switzerland: Bridging gaps between meteorology and impact models
Juan José Gómez-Navarro, Christoph C. Raible, Sandro Blumer, Olivia Martius, and Guido Felder
15:58–16:00 PICO3.11
Effect of grid size in RCMs on the representation of floods in small and medium sized catchments in Austria: added value of convection-permitting simulations
Christian Reszler, Heimo Truhetz, and Matthew Switanek
16:00–16:02 PICO3.12
Extreme Hot Days future projections using Circulation Types
Juan Andres Garcia-Valero, Sonia Fernández-Montes, Sonia Jerez, Juan Pedro Montávez, and Juan Jose Gómez-Navarro
Bias correction

16:02–16:04 PICO3.13
Preserving the World Second Largest Hypersaline Lake under Future Irrigation and Climate Change
Somayeh Shadkam, Fulco Ludwig, Michelle van Vliet, Amandine Pastor, and Pavel Kabat
16:04–16:06 PICO3.14
Expected climate change impacts on extreme flows in Vietnam: The limits of bias correction techniques
Patrick Laux, Thinh Dang, and Harald Kunstmann
Bottum-up approaches

16:06–16:08 PICO3.15
Considering changing temporal structures in the construction of scenario-neutral runoff response surfaces
Klaus Vormoor, Ole Rössler, Gerd Bürger, Rolf Weingartner, and Axel Bronstert
16:08–16:10 PICO3.16
The drivers of ET sensitivity for different climate zones
Danlu Guo, Seth Westra, and Holger Maier
16:10–16:12 PICO3.17
Estimating water availability over India using a bottom-up probabilistic Budyko approach
Riddhi Singh and Rohini Kumar
Interactive Presentations at PICO Screens