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Geohazards and Critical InfrastructuresPICO Session
Convener: Martin Klose 
Co-Conveners: Faith Taylor , Bruce D. Malamud 
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 / Fri, 22 Apr, 13:30–15:00  / PICO spot 3
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Friday, 22 Apr 2016
PICO spot 3
Chairperson: Martin Klose, Faith E. Taylor
13:30–13:40 PICO3.1
Landslide hazards and systems analysis: A Central European perspective
Martin Klose, Bodo Damm, and Thomas Kreuzer
13:40–13:42 PICO3.2
Impacts of extreme weather events on transport infrastructure in Norway
Regula Frauenfelder, Anders Solheim, Ketil Isaksen, Bård Romstad, Anita V. Dyrrdal, Kristine H. H. Ekseth, Reidun Gangstø Skaland, Alf Harbitz, Carl B. Harbitz, Jan E. Haugen, Hans O. Hygen, Hilde Haakenstad, Christian Jaedicke, Árni Jónsson, Ronny Klæboe, Johanna Ludvigsen, Nele K. Meyer, Trude Rauken, and Kjetil Sverdrup-Thygeson
13:42–13:44 PICO3.3
EGU2016-7722 | presentation | presentation
Approaches for assessment of vulnerability of critical infrastructures to weather-related hazards
Unni Eidsvig, Marco Uzielli, and Bjørn Vidar Vangelsten
13:44–13:46 PICO3.4
People at risk – nexus critical infrastructure and society
Micha Heiser, Thomas Thaler, and Sven Fuchs
13:46–13:48 PICO3.5
Impacts of the May 2015 bad weather in Western Switzerland
Jérémie Voumard and Michel Jaboyedoff
13:48–13:50 PICO3.6
Quantifying rockfall risk on roads in the Port Hills, Christchurch, New Zealand
Stefan Unterrader and Sven Fuchs
13:50–13:52 PICO3.7
What threat do turbidity currents and submarine landslides pose to submarine telecommunications cable infrastructure?
Michael Clare, Edward Pope, Peter Talling, James Hunt, and Lionel Carter
13:52–13:54 PICO3.8
Seismic hazard and risk assessment for large Romanian dams situated in the Moldavian Platform
Iren-Adelina Moldovan, Emilia Popescu, Anica Otilia Placinta, Angela Petruta Constantin, Dragos Toma Danila, Felix Borleanu, Victorin Emilian Toader, and Traian Moldoveanu
13:54–13:56 PICO3.9
Computing seismic damage estimates for buildings within a big city. Bucharest case study.
Dragos Toma-Danila and Iuliana Armas
13:56–13:58 PICO3.10
Mitigation of the surficial hydrogeological impact induced by the construction of the Pajares Tunnels (NW Spain).
Pablo Valenzuela, José Antonio Sáenz de Santa María, María José Domínguez-Cuesta, Carlos López Fernández, Mónica Meléndez-Asensio, and Montserrat Jiménez-Sánchez
13:58–14:00 PICO3.11
Characterize the hydraulic behaviour of grate inlet in urban drainage to prevent the urban's flooding
Jackson David Tellez Alvarez, Manuel Gomez, Beniamino Russo, and Jose M. Redondo
14:00–14:02 PICO3.12
Quantifying Urban Texture in Nairobi, Kenya and its Implications for Understanding Natural Hazard Impact
Faith E. Taylor, Bruce D. Malamud, and James D. A. Millington
14:02–14:04 PICO3.13
Urban topography for flood modeling by fusion of OpenStreetMap, SRTM and local knowledge
Hessel Winsemius, Gennadii Donchyts, Dirk Eilander, Jorik Chen, Anne Leskens, Erin Coughlan, Shaban Mawanda, Philip Ward, Andres Diaz Loaiza, Tianyi Luo, and Charles Iceland
14:04–14:06 PICO3.14
Probabilistic mapping of urban flood risk: Application to extreme events in Surat, India
Jorge Ramirez, Umamaheshwaran Rajasekar, Tom Coulthard, and Margreth Keiler
14:06–14:08 PICO3.15
Evaluation of Critical Infrastructure in the Event of Earthquake: A Case Study of Delhi
Suraj prasad
14:08–14:10 PICO3.16
Subsurface information for risk-sensitive urban spatial planning in Dhaka Metropolitan City, Bangladesh
Andreas Günther, Mohammad Abdul Aziz Patwary, Rebecca Bahls, Atm Asaduzzaman, Rüdiger Ludwig, Mohammad Ashraful Kamal, Nurun Nahar Faruqa, and Sarwat Jabeen
14:10–14:12 PICO3.17
Ho Chi Minh City adaptation to increasing risk of coastal and fluvial floods
Paolo Scussolini and Ralph Lasage
14:12–14:14 PICO3.18
Identification of Evacuation Routes in Tacloban City using Geographic Information System
Jerico Mendoza, Alfredo Mahar Francisco Lagmay, Joy Santiago, and John Kenneth Suarez
14:14–14:16 PICO3.19
Hazard analysis in active landslide areas in the State of Veracruz, Mexico
Martina Wilde, Wendy V. Morales Barrera, Sergio R. Rodriguez Elizarrarás, Elizabeth Solleiro Rebolledo, Sergey Sedov, and Birgit Terhorst
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