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MAX-DOAS and other scattered light DOAS systems: instruments, techniques and applications (co-organized)
Convener: Steffen Beirle  | Co-Conveners: Folkard Wittrock , Thomas Wagner , Michel Van Roozendael 
 / Fri, 22 Apr, 10:30–12:00
 / Attendance Fri, 22 Apr, 08:30–10:00

Attendance Time: Friday, 22 April 2016, 08:30–10:00
Hall X2
The interaction of ozone and nitrogen dioxide in the stratosphere of East Antarctica
Ilya Bruchkouski, Aliaksandr Krasouski, Victar Dziomin, and Alexander Svetashev

Hall X2
Airborne measurements of different trace gases during the AROMAT-2 campaign with an Avantes spectrometer
Tim Bösch, Andreas Meier, Anja Schönhardt, Enno Peters, Andreas Richter, Thomas Ruhtz, and John Burrows

Hall X2
Airborne DOAS observations of tropospheric NO2 using an UltraLight Trike and flux calculation
Daniel-Eduard Constantin, Mirela Voiculescu, Alexis Merlaud, Carmelia Dragomir, Lucian Georgescu, Francois Hendrick, and Michel Van Roozendael

Hall X2
Nördlinger Ries campaign on Soil Emissions (NORISE) - DOAS measurements of NO2 and HCHO in an agricultural region
Jan Zörner, Julia Remmers, Steffen Dörner, Yang Wang, Philipp Eger, Dennis Pöhler, Thomas Behrendt, Franz Meixner, Marloes Penning de Vries, and Thomas Wagner

Hall X2
NOx emissions of various sources in Romania and the Rhein-Main region in Germany based on mobile MAX-DOAS measurements of NO2.
Katharina Riffel, Donner Sebastian, Reza Shaiganfar, Thomas Wagner, and Steffen Dörner

Hall X2
Tropospheric NO2 and HCHO columns derived from ground-based MAX-DOAS system in Guangzhou, China and comparison with satellite observations: First results within the EU FP7 project MarcoPolo
Theano Drosoglou, Natalia Kouremeti, Alkis Bais, Irene Zyrichidou, Shu Li, Dimitris Balis, and Zhonghui Huang

Hall X2
Intercomparison of MAX-DOAS NO2 retrieval algorithms
Enno Peters, Gaia Pinardi, Tim Bösch, Folkard Wittrock, Andreas Richter, John P. Burrows, Michel Van Roozendael, Ankie Piters, Thomas Wagner, Theano Drosoglou, Alkis Bais, Shanshan Wang, and Alfonso Saiz-Lopez and the Extended QA4ECV MAXDOAS team

Hall X2
Impact of sulfur content regulations of shipping fuel on coastal air quality
André Seyler, Folkard Wittrock, Lisa Kattner, Barbara Mathieu-Üffing, Andreas Weigelt, Enno Peters, Andreas Richter, Stefan Schmolke, and John P. Burrows

Hall X2
Accounting for surface reflectance in the derivation of vertical column densities of NO2 from airborne imaging DOAS
Andreas Carlos Meier, Anja Schönhardt, Andreas Richter, Tim Bösch, André Seyler, Daniel Eduard Constantin, Reza Shaiganfar, Alexis Merlaud, Thomas Ruhtz, Thomas Wagner, Michel van Roozendael, and John. P. Burrows

Hall X2
Spatially resolved MAXDOAS measurements of Nitrogen Dioxide and Formaldehyde at Madrid (41ºN)
Olga Puentedura, Margarita Yela, Monica Navarro-Comas, Laura Gomez-Martin, David Garcia-Nieto, Nuria Benavent, Shanshan Wang, Monica Anguas, Carlos A. Cuevas, and Alfonso Saiz-Lopez

Hall X2
Long-term MAX-DOAS measurement of trace gases and aerosol in the Environmental Research Station Schneefernerhaus
Zhuoru Wang, Nan Hao, François Hendrick, Michel Van Roozendael, Robert Holla, and Pieter Valks

Hall X2
An overview of the AROMAT campaigns
Alexis Merlaud, Emmanuel Dekemper, Michel Van Roozendael, Daniel Constantin, Lucian Georgescu, Andreas Meier, Andreas Richter, Mirjam Den Hoed, Marc Allaart, Andreea Boscornea, Sorin Vajaiac, Livio Bellegante, Anca Nemuc, Doina Nicolae, Reza Shaifangar, Steffen Dörner, Thomas Wagner, Kerstin Stebel, and Dirk Schuettemeyer

Hall X2
Car MAX-DOAS measurements of the tropospheric Formaldehyde (HCHO) column around Bucharest (Romania) and in the Rhein-Main area (Germany)
Sebastian Donner, Reza Shaiganfar, Katharina Riffel, Steffen Dörner, Johannes Lampel, Julia Remmers, and Thomas Wagner

Hall X2
Analysis of the horizontal distributions of trace gases and aerosols in summer 2013 during the MADCAT campaign in Mainz, Germany
Julia Remmers, Steffen Beirle, and Thomas Wagner and the MADCAT team

Hall X2
Detection of water vapour absorption around 363nm in measured atmospheric absorption spectra and its effect on DOAS evaluations
Johannes Lampel, Oleg. L. Polyansky, Alexandra A. Kyuberis, Nikolai F. Zobov, Jonathan Tennyson, Lorenzo Lodi, Denis Pöhler, Udo Frieß, Ulrich Platt, Steffen Beirle, and Thomas Wagner

Hall X2
Inter-comparison of MAX-DOAS Retrieved Vertical Profiles of Aerosol Extinction, SO2 and NO2 in the Alberta Oil Sands with LIDAR Data and GEM-MACH Air Quality Model.
Zoe Davis, Udo Friess, Kevin Strawbridge, James Whiteway, Monika Aggarwal, Paul Makar, Shao-Meng Li, Jason O'Brien, Sabour Baray, Elijah Schnitzler, Jason S. Olfert, Hans D. Osthoff, Akshay Lobo, and Robert McLaren

Hall X2
EGU2016-631 | presentation
Four years of ground-based MAX-DOAS observations of aerosols, NO2, SO2 and HCHO in Wuxi, China
Yang Wang, Johannes Lampel, Thomas Wagner, Ang Li, Pinhua Xie, Dexia Wu, and Steffen Beirle

Hall X2
Characterisation of Central-African emissions based on MAX-DOAS measurements, satellite observations and model simulations over Bujumbura, Burundi.
Clio Gielen, Francois Hendrick, Gaia Pinardi, Isabelle De Smedt, Trissevgeni Stavrakou, Huan Yu, Caroline Fayt, Christian Hermans, Maité Bauwens, Eugene Ndenzako, Pierre Nzohabonayo, Rachel Akimana, Sébastien Niyonzima, Jean-Francois Müller, and Michel Van Roozendael