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Debris-covered glaciers
Convener: Lindsey Nicholson  | Co-Conveners: Ann Rowan , Duncan J. Quincey , Pierre Lardeux 
 / Thu, 21 Apr, 08:30–10:00
 / Attendance Thu, 21 Apr, 17:30–19:00

Attendance Time: Thursday, 21 April 2016, 17:30–19:00
Hall X3
Chairperson: Ann Rowan
X3.258 EGU2016-6276
Influence of a debris layer on the melting of ice on a Himalayan Glacier: A case study from Lirung Glacier, Langtang valley, Rasuwa, Nepal (withdrawn)
Sonika Shahi, Rijan B. Kayastha, Francesca Pellicciotti, Lene Petersen, Silvan Ragettli, Prashant Baral, Arun B. Shrestha, and Pradeep K. Mool

Hall X3
EGU2016-16971 | presentation
Surface characteristics and evolution of debris covered glaciers
Nico Mölg, Andreas Vieli, Tobias Bolch, Andreas Bauder, and Atanu Bhattacharya

Hall X3
Quantifying surface roughness over debris covered ice
Duncan Quincey, David Rounce, and Andrew Ross

Hall X3
An improved method to compute supra glacial debris thickness using thermal satellite images together with an Energy Balance Model in the Nepal Himalayas
Pascal Egli, Alvaro Ayala, Pascal Buri, and Francesca Pellicciotti

Hall X3
EGU2016-8744 | presentation
The influence of supraglacial debris on proglacial runoff fluctuations and water chemistry
Catriona Fyffe, Ben Brock, Martin Kirkbride, Andrew Black, Claudio Smiraglia, and Guglielmina Diolaiuti

Hall X3
Surface terrain characteristics and monsoon season mass balance of debris-covered glaciers in the Khumbu Himal, Nepal, obtained from high resolution Pléiades imagery.
Christoph Klug, Lindsey Nicholson, Lorenzo Rieg, Rudolf Sailer, and Anna Wirbel

Hall X3
EGU2016-15181 | presentation
Applying an energy balance model of a debris covered glacier through the Himalayan seasons – insights from the field and sensitivity analysis
Jakob Steiner, Francesca Pellicciotti, Pascal Buri, and Ben Brock

Hall X3
Debris Degree Day Factor Glacier Melt Model in the Everest Region of Nepal
David Rounce and Daene McKinney

Hall X3
EGU2016-134 | presentation
A Landsat analysis of variability of supraglacial ponds for the debris-covered glaciers of the Langtang Valley
Evan Miles, Ian Willis, Neil Arnold, and Francesca Pellicciotti

Hall X3
Variations in debris distribution and thickness on Himalayan debris-covered glaciers
Morgan Gibson, Ann Rowan, Tristram Irvine-Fynn, Duncan Quincey, and Neil Glasser

Hall X3
EGU2016-205 | presentation
Characterizing aerodynamic roughness length (z0) for a debris-covered glacier: aerodynamic inversion and SfM-derived microtopographic approaches
Evan Miles, Jakob Steiner, Fanny Brun, Martin Detert, Pascal Buri, and Francesca Pellicciotti

Hall X3
EGU2016-250 | presentation
Multi-temporal high resolution monitoring of debris-covered glaciers using unmanned aerial vehicles
Philip Kraaijenbrink, Walter Immerzeel, Steven de Jong, Joseph Shea, Francesca Pellicciotti, Sander Meijer, and Arun Shresta

Hall X3
Debris-covered glaciers extend the lifespan of water supplies in the European Alps
Pierre Lardeux, Neil Glasser, Tom Holt, and Bryn Hubbard

Hall X3
EGU2016-575 | presentation
Investigating ice cliff evolution and contribution to glacier mass-balance using a physically-based dynamic model
Pascal Buri, Evan Miles, Silvan Ragettli, Fanny Brun, Jakob Steiner, and Francesca Pellicciotti

Hall X3
X3.272 EGU2016-1883
Debris cover influence on surface heat balance, ice melt-rate and its diurnal pattern: a case study of the Djankuat Glacier, Central Caucasus, Russia (withdrawn)
Alexey Rezepkin and Victor Popovnin

Hall X3
Glacial lakes amplify glacier recession in the central Himalaya
Owen King, Duncan Quincey, Jonathan Carrivick, and Ann Rowan

Hall X3
EGU2016-8662 | presentation
Short term dynamics of the debris-covered Miage Glacier
Catriona Fyffe, Ben Brock, Martin Kirkbride, Doug Mair, Claudio Smiraglia, and Guglielmina Diolaiuti

Hall X3
Dynamics and internal structure of an Alaskan debris-covered glacier from repeat airborne photogrammetry and surface geophysics
John Holt, Joseph Levy, Eric Petersen, Chris Larsen, and Mark Fahnestock

Hall X3
Evolution of supraglacial brittle and ductile structures and drainage systems at a partly debris-covered alpine valley glacier during a 15 yr period
Andreas Kellerer-Pirklbauer and Bernd Kulmer