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Panta Rhei: Early career scientists’ vision and progress for research in hydrology, society and change
Convener: Hilary McMillan  | Co-Conveners: Tobias Krueger , Anne Van Loon , Heidi Kreibich 
 / Tue, 19 Apr, 10:30–12:00

In 2013, the International Association of Hydrological Sciences launched Panta Rhei, the scientific decade 2013-2022 with the central theme "Change in Hydrology and Society" ( The research agenda addresses science challenges related to understanding, predicting and managing water systems that are increasingly impacted by humans, therefore providing support to societies adapting to a changing environment. This PICO session will look back on the past three years of Panta Rhei, and look forward to the next seven years, through the eyes of early career scientists working in the area of hydrology, society and change. Four invited early career scientist speakers ( will talk about Panta Rhei, their vision on water in the Anthropocene, and research needs for progress towards the Panta Rhei goals. The session is then open to 2-minute PICO pop-ups with interactive poster presentations (from scientists of all ages), and audience discussion, to stimulate a scientific debate on Panta Rhei and this decade of research in hydrology. We seek contributions that address understanding, prediction and management of hydrological systems under environmental change and of the impacts of human activity on hydrological processes and water resources. Contributions on the relations between hydrology and society, socio-hydrology, water resources management, human impact modelling, detection and attribution of change are welcome. We encourage all presenters to contribute to the discussion by including ideas for the future development of Panta Rhei.

Invited speakers:
Johanna Grames, TU Vienna (environmental economics)
Wouter Berghuijs, Bristol University (catchment classification, similarity and global hydrology)
Kristin Vogel, University of Potsdam (natural hazards and risk)
Carole Dalin, London School of Economics (Environmental Engineering and Policy)


Please note that the programme differs from the automatically-generated timings below; the timetable will be as follows:

10:30–10:40 Carole Dalin: Ideas towards sustainable water security

10:40–10:50 Wouter Berghuijs: Organizing the spatially and temporally unique hydrosphere

10:50–11:00 Johanna Grames: Modelling the interaction between flooding events and economic growth

11.00-11.10 Kristin Vogel: Capturing changes in flood risk with Bayesian approaches for flood damage assessment

11.10am - 11.15am 2-minute madness Poster Introductions
(11.10: Christopher Hutton, 11.12: Daniele Ganora)

11.15am - 11.35am Audience Participation and Discussion

11:35-12:00 Interactive Presentations at PICO Screens