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Integrating stratigraphy, sedimentology, paleontology and paleoclimate in human evolution and dispersal studies - from early hominins to the Anthropocene (co-organized)
Convener: Verena E. Foerster  | Co-Conveners: Melissa S. Chapot , Guilhem Amin Douillet , Josephine Joordens , Annett Junginger , Frank Lehmkuhl , Helmut Weissert , Keith Wilkinson , Christian Zeeden 
 / Fri, 28 Apr, 08:30–12:00
 / Attendance Fri, 28 Apr, 13:30–15:00

Friday, 28 April 2017
Room 1.85
Chairperson: V. E. Foerster, A. Junginger, M. S. Chapot
Integrating stratigraphy, sedimentology, paleontology and paleoclimate: From early hominins to population mobility

08:30–08:45 EGU2017-14810
The Hominin Sites Paleolakes Drilling Project, a challenging magnetostratigraphic record of the Baringo, Afar and West-Turkana cores (withdrawn)
Mark Jan Sier and the HSPDP Science team
Tectonics and soil edaphics as controls on animal migrations and early human inhabitance in the Kenya Rift
Simon Kübler, Stephen Rucina, Sally Reynolds, Felix Fürgut, Geoffrey Bailey, and Geoffrey King
A palaeoclimate investigation of the lacustrine sediments from Chew Bahir in Ethiopia spanning multiple glacial-interglacial cycles Highlight
Melanie Leng, Jonathan Dean, Asfawossen Asrat, Melissa Chapot, Andrew Cohen, Alan Deino, Verena Foerster, Henry Lamb, Helen Roberts, Frank Schäbitz, Martin Trauth, and Finn Viehberg
Application of luminescence dating of archaeological sequences – examples from Europe and North Africa
Nicole Klasen, Martin Kehl, Manuel Alcaraz-Castaño, David Álvarez-Alonso, Maria de Andrés-Herrero, João Zilhão, and Gerd-Christian Weniger
Changes in vegetation and climate as reflected in tooth enamel isotopes of Quaternary mammalian faunas from Indonesia
Renee Janssen, Josephine Joordens, Dafne Koutamanis, Mika Puspaningrum, John de Vos, Natasja den Ouden, Jeroen van der Lubbe, John Reijmer, Oliver Hampe, Gareth Davies, and Hubert Vonhof
The Centre for Early Human Behaviour (EHB) at the University of Bergen: A transdisciplinary exploration into the evolution of homo sapiens behaviour
Stefan Sobolowski, Christopher Henshilwood, and Eystein Jansen
Coffee break
Integrating stratigraphy, sedimentology, paleontology and paleoclimate: From dispersal to the Anthropocene

Dating the last Neanderthals in Central Iberia - New evidence from Abrigo del Molino, Segovia, Spain Highlight
Martin Kehl, David Álvarez-Alonso, María de Andrés-Herrero, Andrés Díez-Herrero, Nicole Klasen, Julio Rojo-Hernández, and Gerd-Christian Weniger
Postglacial Human resilience and susceptibility to abrupt climate change new insights from Star Carr
Simon Blockley, Ashley Abrook, Alex Bayliss, Ian Candy, Chantal Conneller, Chris Darvill, Laura Deeprose, Rebecca Kearney, Pete Langdon, Cath Langdon Langdon, Paul Lincoln, Alison Macleod, Ian Matthews, Adrian Palmer, Danielle Schreve, Barry Taylor, and Nicky Milner
Landscape History of Grosses Moos, NW Swiss Alpine Foreland.
Aleksandra Joanna Heer, Grzegorz Adamiec, Heinz Veit, Jan-Hendrik May, Elena Novenko, and Irka Hajdas
Holocene hydrological changes and human presence in NW Arabia: Insights from lipid biomarker analysis of the Tayma palaeolake sediment record
Nadine Dräger, Valérie F. Schwab, Birgit Plessen, Ina Neugebauer, Michèle Dinies, Max Engel, Achim Brauer, and Gerd Gleixner
Environmental impact of early Sadlermiut settlements at Native Point (Southampton Island, Nunavut, Canada) before the Little Ice Age
Finn Viehberg, Reinhard Pienitz, Birgit Plessen, Derek Muir, and Xiaowa Wang
Tales of some ancient harbors in the Aegean back-arc region: Earthquakes, coastal changes, historical impacts
Stathis Stiros and Vasso Saltogianni