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HS7.3 Media

Water, climate and healthPICO session
Convener: Hwa-Lung Yu 
Co-Conveners: Alin Andrei Carsteanu , Andreas Langousis , George Christakos , Alexander Kolovos , José M. Angulo 
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 / Tue, 25 Apr, 10:30–12:00  / PICO spot 1
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Tuesday, 25 Apr 2017
PICO spot 1
Chairperson: Andreas Langousis, Hwa-Lung Yu
10:30–10:32 PICO1.1
EGU2017-3886 | presentation | presentation
Impact of floods induced by extreme precipitation events on public health
Spyridon Mavroulis, Maria Mavrouli, Efthymios Lekkas, and Athanassios Tsakris
10:32–10:34 PICO1.2
Modifications of biological effects of drinking mineral waters in Pyatigorsk resort
Valentina Reps, Natalia Efimenko, Anna Abramtsova, Victoria Kozlova, Gayne Sagradyan, Tatiana Tovbushenko, and Margarita Kotova
10:34–10:36 PICO1.3
Evaluation of Hydrologic and Meteorological Impacts on Dengue Fever Incidences in Southern Taiwan using Time- Frequency Method
Christina Tsai and Ting-Gu Yeh
10:36–10:38 PICO1.4
Developing a dengue early warning system using time series model: Case study in Tainan, Taiwan
Xiao-Wei Chen, Chyan-Deng Jan, and Ji-Shang Wang
10:38–10:40 PICO1.5
Developing the Framework for an Early Warning System for Ebola based on Environmental Conditions
Sebastien Dartevelle, Anthony Nguy-Robertson, Jesse Bell, and Jean-Paul Chretien
10:40–10:50 PICO1.6
The influence of intra- and inter-annual meteorological variability on dengue transmission: a multi-level modeling analysis
Tzai-Hung Wen and Tzu-Hsin Chen
10:50–10:52 PICO1.7
Using satellite image data to estimate soil moisture
Chi-Hung Chuang and Hwa-Lung Yu
10:52–10:54 PICO1.8
Application of Bayesian Maximum Entropy Filter in parameter calibration of groundwater flow model in PingTung Plain
Shao-Yong Cheung, Chieh-Han Lee, and Hwa-Lung Yu
10:54–10:56 PICO1.9
Groundwater hydrochemistry,Variation of Arsenic and Monsoonal influence : An explanation regarding release mechanism assisted by isotopic signatures
Debashis Chatterjee
Interactive presentations at PICO screens