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PICOs HS7.7/NH1.17


Hydroclimatic and hydrometeorologic stochastics: Extremes, scales, probabilities (co-organized)PICO session
Convener: Alberto Viglione 
Co-Conveners: Rui A. P. Perdigão , Marco Borga , Andreas Langousis , Xiaolan L. Wang , Salvatore Grimaldi , Auguste Gires 
Session details
 / Fri, 28 Apr, 08:30–10:00  / PICO spot A
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Friday, 28 Apr 2017
PICO spot A
Chairperson: Alberto Viglione
08:30–08:40 PICOA.1
Scaling and distributional properties of precipitation inter-amount times
Marc Schleiss
08:40–08:42 PICOA.2
Analysis of the Linkages between Evaporation and Precipitation in Imo State of Southeastern Nigeria using Statistical Method
Fidelis Okorie and Nnamdi Chibo
08:42–08:44 PICOA.3
Modeling river runoff with correctly reproduced scaling laws
Carlo Albert, Valerie Livina, and Cornelia Hug
08:44–08:46 PICOA.4
Analysis of extreme wind speed and precipitation using copula
Taeyong Kwon and Sanghoo Yoon
08:46–08:48 PICOA.5
Generation of future high-resolution rainfall time series with a disaggregation model
Hannes Müller and Uwe Haberlandt
08:48–08:50 PICOA.6
Temporal and spatial variability of flood quantiles in the Upper Vistula River basin, Poland
Agnieszka Rutkowska, Patrick Willems, Charles Onyutha, and Wojciech Młocek
08:50–08:52 PICOA.7
Investigating the complexity of precipitation sets within California via the fractal-multifractal method
Carlos E. Puente, Mahesh L. Maskey, and Bellie Sivakumar
08:52–08:54 PICOA.8
The Metastatistical Extreme Value Distribution
Marco Marani, Enrico Zorzetto, and Gianluca Botter
08:54–08:56 PICOA.9
Investigation of statistical relationship between extreme precipitation and global climate indices in South Korea (withdrawn)
Taereem Kim, Kyungwon Joo, Hanbeem Kim, and Jun-Haeng Heo
08:56–08:58 PICOA.10
Statistical analysis of hydrological response in urbanising catchments based on adaptive sampling using inter-amount times
Marie-Claire ten Veldhuis and Marc Schleiss
08:58–09:00 PICOA.11
Rainfall extremes, weather and climatic characterization over complex terrain: A data-driven approach based on signal enhancement methods and extreme value modeling
Luis E. Pineda and Patrick Willems
09:00–09:02 PICOA.12
Using rainfall patterns and IDF in flood hazard assessment
Joost Beckers
09:02–09:04 PICOA.13
Continuous rainfall simulation for regional flood risk assessment – application in the Austrian Alps
Jose Luis Salinas, Thomas Nester, Jürgen Komma, and Günter Blöschl
09:04–09:06 PICOA.14
Quantile Regression Technique to Investigate the Rainfall Trend for Flooding and Drought Conditions
Salam Abbas and Yunqing Xuan
09:06–09:08 PICOA.15
EGU2017-18003 | presentation | presentation
A Hidden Markov Model of Daily Precipitation over Western Colombia.
Julián Rojo Hernández, Upmanu Lall, and Oscar Mesa Sanchez
09:08–09:10 PICOA.16
Fractional Low-Order Joint Moments in the Estimation of Fractional Motions
Alin Andrei Carsteanu, Javier Allan Guzman Sanluis, and Ada Delvia Borjas López
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