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Digital mapping and 3D visualization approaches in the Earth Sciences (co-organized)PICO session
Convener: Deta Gasser 
Co-Conveners: Simon Buckley , Graham Ferrier 
Session details
 / Mon, 24 Apr, 15:30–17:00  / PICO spot 5a
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Monday, 24 Apr 2017
PICO spot 5a
Chairperson: Deta Gasser, Simon Buckley, Graham Ferrier

15:30–15:32 PICO5a.1
Potentials, challenges and limitations of the application of advanced surveying techniques in the Geosciences – Where are we and where we want to go? | Highlight
Bianca Wagner and Bernd Leiss
15:32–15:34 PICO5a.2
Application of Virtual and Augmented reality to geoscientific teaching and research.
David Hodgetts
Digital data collection and handling approaches

15:34–15:36 PICO5a.3
BGS·SIGMA - Digital mapping at the British Geological Survey
Nichola Smith and Ken Lawrie
15:36–15:38 PICO5a.4
Development of new mapping standards for geological surveys in Greenland
Eva Mätzler, Kirsty langley, Julie Hollis, and Helene Heide-Jørgensen
15:38–15:40 PICO5a.5
The Strabo digital data system for Structural Geology and Tectonics
Basil Tikoff, Julie Newman, J Doug Walker, Randy Williams, Zach Michels, Joseph Andrews, Emily Bunse, Jason Ash, and Jessica Good
15:40–15:42 PICO5a.6
Digital mapping in extreme and remote environments
Joel Andersson, Tobias Bauer, Zimer Sarlus, Maher Zainy, and Anais Brethes
Data visualization

15:42–15:44 PICO5a.7
VISUAL3D – An EIT network on visualization of geomodels
Tobias Bauer
15:44–15:46 PICO5a.8
The GPlates Portal: Cloud-based interactive 3D and 4D visualization of global geological and geophysical data and models in a browser
Dietmar Müller, Xiaodong Qin, David Sandwell, Adriana Dutkiewicz, Simon Williams, Nicolas Flament, Stefan Maus, and Maria Seton
15:46–15:48 PICO5a.9
The New Global Digital Elevation Model : TanDEM-X DEM and its Final Performance
Carolina Gonzalez, Paola Rizzoli, Michele Martone, Christopher Wecklich, Daniela Borla Tridon, Markus Bachmann, Thomas Fritz, Birgit Wessel, Gerhard Krieger, and Manfred Zink
15:48–15:50 PICO5a.10
Quantitative analysis of digital outcrop data obtained from stereo-imagery using an emulator for the PanCam camera system for the ExoMars 2020 rover
Robert Barnes, Sanjeev Gupta, Matt Gunn, Gerhard Paar, Matt Balme, Ben Huber, Arnold Bauer, Komyo Furya, Maria del Pilar Caballo-Perucha, Chris Traxler, Gerd Hesina, Thomas Ortner, Steven Banham, Jennifer Harris, Jan-Peter Muller, and Yu Tao
Case studies structural geology

15:50–15:52 PICO5a.11
Fold-structure analysis of paleozoic rocks in the Variscan Harz Mountains (Lautenthal, Central Germany) based on laserscanning and 3D modelling
Bianca Wagner, Bernd Leiss, Ralf Stöpler, and Fabian Zahnow
15:52–15:54 PICO5a.12
Superposed ruptile deformational events revealed by field and VOM structural analysis
Sissa Kumaira, Felipe Guadagnin, and Maiara Keller Lautert
15:54–15:56 PICO5a.13
3D geological modeling of an outcrop analogue in the Trento Platform
Mattia Martinelli, Marco Franceschi, Matteo Massironi, Andrea Bistacchi, Alessandro Rizzi, and Raffaele Di Cuia
15:56–15:58 PICO5a.14
Modelling and visualizing distributed compressional plate deformation using GPlates2.0: The Arctic Eurekan Orogeny
Austin Gion, Simon Williams, and Dietmar Müller
15:58–16:00 PICO5a.15
Vintage 2D Reflection Seismic Data for Use in 3D Structural Modeling: Case Study from the Witwatersrand goldfields, South Africa (withdrawn)
Matt Terracin and Musa Manzi
Case studies geomorphology and volcanology

16:00–16:02 PICO5a.16
Geomorphometric analysis of the scoria cones of the Chaîne des Puys
Fanni Vörös, Dávid Karátson, Benjamin Van Wyk de Vries, Zsófia Koma, and Balázs Székely
16:02–16:04 PICO5a.17
Using digital photogrammetry to constrain the segmentation of Paleocene volcanic marker horizons within the Nuussuaq basin
Erik Vest Sørensen and Asger Ken Pedersen
16:04–16:06 PICO5a.18
Digital mapping methodology applied for the creation of a 3D inventory and model of geology and geomorphology of the Moldavian Plateau (Romania) (withdrawn)
Nicusor Necula, Mihai Niculita, and Dorin Sorin Baciu
16:06–16:08 PICO5a.19
Mass balance of a highly active rock glacier during the period 1954 and 2016
Andreas Kellerer-Pirklbauer, Viktor Kaufmann, and Matthias Rieckh
16:08–16:10 PICO5a.20
Application of meandering centreline migration modelling and object-based approach of Long Nab member
Saad Saadi
Interactive presentations at PICO screens