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Agricultural terraces of the world. Their pedological, geomorphological and hydrological role (co-organized)PICO session
Convener: Paolo Tarolli 
Co-Conveners: Corrado Camera , Roey Egozi , Estela Nadal Romero , Markus Dotterweich , Yuanmei Jiao , Wei Wei 
Session details
 / Thu, 27 Apr, 13:30–15:00  / PICO spot 5b
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Thursday, 27 Apr 2017
PICO spot 5b
Chairperson: Paolo Tarolli
13:30–13:32 PICO5b.1
Effects of terracing on soil and water conservation in China: A meta-analysis
Die Chen and Wei Wei
13:32–13:34 PICO5b.2
Living terraced landscapes: Exploring the viability of mountain terraced vineyards in Cyprus
Christos Zoumides, Elias Giannakis, Adriana Bruggeman, and Corrado Camera
13:34–13:36 PICO5b.3
The strategies of local farmers' water management and the eco-hydrological effects of irrigation-drainage engineering systems in world heritage of Honghe Hani Rice Terraces
Xuan Gao
13:36–13:38 PICO5b.4
Agricultural Terrace Pattern Distribution and Preservation along Climatic Gradient
Oren Ackermann
13:38–13:40 PICO5b.5
Do agricultural terraces and forest fires recurrence in Mediterranean afforested micro-catchments alter soil quality and soil nutrient content?
Manuel E Lucas-Borja, Aleix Calsamiglia, Josep Fortesa, Julián García-Comendador, Jorge Gago, and Joan Estrany
13:40–13:42 PICO5b.6
Temporal dynamics of plant succession in abandoned field in Mediterranean mountain areas: farming terraces and sloping fields (Iberian System, Spain)
Estela Nadal-Romero, Paz Errea, and Teodoro Lasanta
13:42–13:44 PICO5b.7
Quantification of the effect of terrace maintenance on soil erosion: two seasons of monitoring experiments in Cyprus
Corrado Camera, Hakan Djuma, Christos Zoumides, Marinos Eliades, Katerina Charalambous, and Adriana Bruggeman
13:44–13:46 PICO5b.8
Geological characterization of agricultural terraces as a tool for the territorial safeguard and for the valorization of "Terroir"
Gerardo Brancucci, Michele Brancucci, Pietro Marescotti, Eugenio Poggi, Monica Solimano, Roberto Vegnuti, Paola Giostrella, and Paolo Tarolli
13:46–13:48 PICO5b.9
Time scale for degradation and erosion of archaeological terraces in the Judea Mountains, Israel
Naomi Porat, Rotem Elinson, Eyal Ben Dor, Yoav Avni, and Yuval Gadot
13:48–13:50 PICO5b.10
Ancient terraces as environmental archives in the southern Levant
Bernhard Lucke and Paula Kouki
13:50–13:52 PICO5b.11
The physical model of a terraced plot: first results
Chiara Perlotto, Vincenzo D'Agostino, and Giacomo Buzzanca
13:52–13:54 PICO5b.12
Two millennia of soil dynamics derived from ancient desert terraces using high resolution 3-D data
Sagi Filin, Reuma Arav, and Yoav Avni
13:54–13:56 PICO5b.13
How fragile is it? A GIS-based multicriteria assessment of a Mediterranean terraced system. (withdrawn)
Davide Rizzo, Tiziana Sabbatini, and Enrico Bonari
13:56–13:58 PICO5b.14
EGU2017-16654 | presentation | presentation
Evaluation of soil carbon pools after the addition of prunings in subtropical orchards placed in terraces
Layla Márquez San Emeterio, Marino Pedro Martín Reyes, Irene Ortiz Bernad, Emilia Fernández Ondoño, and Manuel Sierra Aragón
13:58–14:00 PICO5b.15
The importance of understanding landscape evolution in studies of terraced agriculture
Cruz Ferro-Vazquez, Carol Lang, Joeri Kaal, and Daryl Stump
14:00–14:02 PICO5b.16
A landscape character assessment of three terraced areas in Campania region, Italy
Antonia Gravagnuolo, Maria Ronza, Ferdinando Di Martino, and Fortuna De Rosa
14:02–14:04 PICO5b.17
Impacts of terracing on soil erosion control and crop yield in two agro-ecological zones of Rwanda
Jules Rutebuka, Nick Ryken, Aline Uwimanzi, Olive Nkundwakazi, and Ann Verdoodt
14:04–14:06 PICO5b.18
Monitoring and modelling for dry-stone walls terracement maintenance
Federico Preti, Alessandro Errico, Yamuna Giambastiani, Enrico Guastini, and Daniele Penna
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