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PICOs HS2.2.4/CR4.5


Monitoring and modelling water flow paths, supply and quality in a changing mountain cryosphere (co-organized)PICO session
Convener: Giulia Zuecco 
Co-Conveners: Luca Carturan , Michael Engel , Helen Dahlke , Stephan Gruber , Ulrike Nickus 
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 / Fri, 28 Apr, 10:30–12:00  / PICO spot A
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Friday, 28 Apr 2017
PICO spot A
Chairperson: Giulia Zuecco
10:30–10:32 PICOA.1
Consequences of Alpine Vegetation Change for Water Resources
Natalie Ceperley, Anthony Michelon, Harsh Beria, Josh Larsen, and Bettina Schaefli
10:32–10:34 PICOA.2
Impact of glaciers retreat on highland Andean wetlands and communities: lessons from the upper Cachi catchment (Ayacucho, Peru)
Oscar Angulo and De Biévre Bert
10:34–10:36 PICOA.3
An analysis of the long term hydrological dynamics of the Careser, a rapidly retreating Alpine glacier.
Elisa Stella, Erica Meneghetti, Oscar Cainelli, and Alberto Bellin
10:36–10:38 PICOA.4
Analysing the climatic sensitivity of glacierized alpine watersheds using historic hydro-meteorological observations
Fabrizio de Blasi, Federico Cazorzi, Davide Zoccatelli, Paola Bonato, Marco Borga, and Giancarlo Dalla Fontana
10:38–10:40 PICOA.5
Groundwater Pathways in a Periglacial Landscape (withdrawn)
Romain Pannetier and Patrik Vidstrand
10:40–10:42 PICOA.6
Effects of modeling decisions on cold region hydrological model performance: snow, soil and streamflow
Keith Musselman, Martyn Clark, Abraham Endalamaw, W. Robert Bolton, Bart Nijssen, and Jeffrey Arnold
10:42–10:44 PICOA.7
Towards the improvement of model internal consistency using water isotope composition measurements in a glacierized basin
Zhihua He, Katy Unger-Shayesteh, Sergiy Vorogushyn, Abor Gafurov, Stephan Weise, Olga Kalashnikova, and Bruno Merz
10:44–10:46 PICOA.8
New insights in permafrost modelling
Niccolò Tubini, Francesco Serafin, Stephan Gruber, Vincenzo Casulli, and Riccardo Rigon
10:46–10:48 PICOA.9
Modelling hydrological processes in mountainous permafrost basin in North-East of Russia
Olga Makarieva, Lyudmila Lebedeva, and Natalia Nesterova
10:48–10:50 PICOA.10
Monitoring mountain lakes in a changing Alpine cryosphere: the Lago Nero project (Ticino, Switzerland)
Cristian Scapozza, Andreas Bruder, Mattia Domenici, Fabio Lepori, Sebastian Pera, Maurizio Pozzoni, Stefano Rioggi, and Luca Colombo
10:50–10:52 PICOA.11
Hydrological role of large icings within glacierized Sub-Arctic watershed: case study in Upper Duke River valley, Yukon, Canada.
Anna Chesnokova and Michel Baraer
10:52–10:54 PICOA.12
Glacial alteration of volcanic terrains: A chemical investigation of the Three Sisters, Oregon, USA.
Alicia Rutledge, Briony Horgan, and Jeff Havig
10:54–10:56 PICOA.13
Water storages and fluxes within the small watershed in continuous permafrost zone
Liudmila Lebedeva, Olga Makarieva, Nataliya Nesterova, Hanno Meyer, Vladimir Efremov, and Vasiliy Ogonerov
10:56–10:58 PICOA.14
Tracer-based identification of rock glacier thawing in a glacierized Alpine catchment
Michael Engel, Daniele Penna, Werner Tirler, and Francesco Comiti
10:58–11:00 PICOA.15
Inferring glacial flow pathways with DNA-labelled microparticle tracers at the Wolverine Glacier in Alaska
Coy McNew, Helen Dahlke, Shad O'Neel, and Seanna McLaughlin
11:00–11:02 PICOA.16
Contribution of snow / glacier melt and warm season precipitation to warm season flow in a glacierized catchment in Central Asia
Katy Unger-Shayesteh, Stephan Weise, Sergiy Vorogushyn, Zhihua He, Abror Gafurov, Olga Kalashnikova, Natalya Ershova, and Bruno Merz
11:02–11:04 PICOA.17
Spatiotemporal tracer variability in glacier melt and its influence on hydrograph separation
Jan Schmieder, Thomas Marke, and Ulrich Strasser
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