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Hydrology & Society: Transdisciplinary approaches to hydrology and water resources management
Convener: Stuart Lane  | Co-Conveners: Tobias Krueger , Eric Lindquist , Eva Paton , Gemma Carr , Roland Barthel , Leon Hermans , Christopher (Kit) Macleod 
 / Attendance Tue, 25 Apr, 17:30–19:00

Attendance Time: Tuesday, 25 April 2017, 17:30–19:00
Hall A
Chairperson: Stuart Lane
Comparative assessment for future prediction of urban water environment using WEAP model: A case study of Kathmandu, Manila and Jakarta
Pankaj Kumar, Masago Yoshifumi, Rafieiemam Ammar, Binaya Mishra, and Ken Fukushi

Hall A
Application and Prospect of Big Data in Water Resources
Danchi Xi and Xinyi Xu

Hall A
EGU2017-1153 | presentation
An approach to link water resource management with landscape art to enhance its aesthetic appeal, ecological utility and social benefits
Anita Mukherjee, Somnath Sen, and Saikat Kumar Paul

Hall A
An integrative water balance model framework for a changing glaciated catchment in the Andes of Peru
Fabian Drenkhan, Christian Huggel, Javier García Hernández, Javier Fluixá-Sanmartín, Jochen Seidel, and Randy Muñoz Asmat

Hall A
A.85 EGU2017-8005
User-centred development of hydrological data visualisations for non-scientific contexts in Lima (Peru). (withdrawn)
Sam Grainger and Wouter Buytaert

Hall A
Contribution of local knowledge to understand socio-hydrological dynamics. Examples from a study in Senegal river valley
Laurent Bruckmann

Hall A
EGU2017-14449 | presentation
CreativeDrought: An interdisciplinary approach to building resilience to drought
Sally Rangecroft, Anne Van Loon, Melanie Rohse, Rosie Day, Stephen Birkinshaw, and Eugine Makaya

Hall A
Two dimensions of nitrate pollution management in an agricultural catchment
Przemysław Wachniew, Grit Martinez, Dominika Bar-Michalczyk, Jarosław Kania, Grzegorz Malina, Tomasz Michalczyk, Kazimierz Różański, Stanisław Witczak, Damian Zięba, Anna J. Żurek, and Anne Berrini