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Lithospheric and crustal dynamics of the Wilson Cycle: The Iberia case study
Convener: Mary Ford  | Co-Conveners: Frédéric Mouthereau , Julie Tugend , Antonio Villaseñor 
 / Fri, 28 Apr, 10:30–12:00
 / Attendance Fri, 28 Apr, 17:30–19:00

Attendance Time: Friday, 28 April 2017, 17:30–19:00
Hall X2
Chairperson: Julie TUGEND and Fredéric MOUTHEREAU
Modeling and Inversion of three-dimensional crustal structures beneath the Pyrenees and their foreland basins based upon geological, gravimetric and seismological data
Hannah Spangenberg, Sébastien Chevrot, Gabriel Courrioux, and Antonio Guillen

Hall X2
A new high-resolution kinematic model for the southern North Atlantic region: the Iberian plate kinematics since the Late Cretaceous
Chiara Macchiavelli, Jaume Vergés, Antonio Schettino, Manel Fernández, Eugenio Turco, Montserrat Torné, and Emilio Casciello

Hall X2
Mineralogical insights for very high temperature conditions during Cretaceous mantle exhumation at the northern Iberian passive margin: the sapphirine-bearing supradetachment deposits of the North Pyrenean Zone in the Lherz area
Jessica Uzel, Yves Lagabrielle, Serge Fourcade, Christian Chopin, and Riccardo Asti

Hall X2
X2.321 EGU2017-18305
Extreme Mesozoic crustal thinning in Eastern Iberia margin: The example of the Columbrets Basin (Valencia Trough) (withdrawn)
Geoffroy Mohn, Nathalie Etheve, Dominique Frizon de Lamotte, Eduard Roca, Julie Tugend, Júlia Gomez Romeu, and Christian Blanpied

Hall X2
A Pyrenean Cretaceous extensional fault system in the Briançonnais Domain of the Alps: implications for the eastern termination of the segmented Bay of Biscay-Pyrenean rift system.
Stefano Tavani, Carlo Bertok, Anna D'Atri, Fabrizio Piana, Luca Barale, Amerigo Corradetti, Pablo Granado, Luca Martire, and Bartolomeo Vigna

Hall X2
Cretaceous to Tertiary paleogeographic reconstructions of the Alps-Pyrenees linking zone
Gianluca Frasca, Armin Dielforder, Mary Ford, and Jaume Vergés

Hall X2
What do the Variscan structures in the Central Pyrenees tell us about the Mesozoic Iberian margin and the Pyrenean orogenic prism?
Baptiste Lemirre, Bryan Cochelin, Michel de Saint Blanquat, Yoann Denele, Abdeltif Lahfid, and Stephanie Duchene

Hall X2
Lithospheric structure of the Western Iberian Atlantic Margin
Lavinia Tunini, Jaume Vergés, Manel Fernandez, Ivone Jiménez-Munt, and Montserrat Torne

Hall X2
Crustal Seismic Structure beneath Portugal (Western Iberia) and the role of Variscan Inheritance
Idalina Veludo, Nuno Afonso Dias, Paulo Fonseca, Luís Matias, Fernando Carrilho, Christian Haberland, and Antonio Villaseñor

Hall X2
The topography of the Iberian Peninsula from coupled geophysical-petrological inversion of multiple data sets
Javier Fullea, Ana Negredo, María Charco, Imma Palomeras, Antonio Villaseñor, and Juan Carlos Afonso

Hall X2
3D lithospheric mapping of the Iberian Peninsula and surrounding Atlantic and Mediterranean margins from 3D joint inversion of potential field and elevation data.
Montserrat Torne, Hermann Zeyen, Ivone Jimenez-Munt, Manel Fernandez, and Jaume Vergés

Hall X2
Seismological and geophysical study across the active segment of the Ventaniella fault: understanding its role during the Cantabrian Mountains building up
Gabriela Fernández-Viejo, Javier A. Pulgar, Carlos Lopez-Fernandez, Javier Olona, and Sergio Llana-funez

Hall X2
Zircon (U-Th)/He evidence for pre-Eocene orogenic exhumation of eastern North Pyrenean massifs, France
Sébastien Ternois, Arnaud Vacherat, Raphaël Pik, Mary Ford, and Bouchaïb Tibari

Hall X2
Controlling factors of spatial and temporal preservation of the geochronological signal in sediments during an orogenic cycle
Juliette Rat, Frédéric Mouthereau, Matthias Bernet, Stéphanie Brichau, Mélanie Balvay, Eduardo Garzanti, and Sergio Ando

Hall X2
Initiation of continental accretion in the Betic-Rif domain
Daudet Maxime, Mouthereau Frederic, Brichau Stéphanie, Crespo-Blanc Ana, and Vacherat Arnaud

Hall X2
Decollement controls on pro versus retro wedge deformation in mountain belts
Arjan Grool, Ritske S. Huismans, and Mary Ford

Hall X2
Curie-depth point and geothermal gradient map of the Iberian Peninsula and its margins
Juvenal Andrés, Ignacio Marzán, Puy Ayarza, David Martí, Imma Palomeras, Simon Campbell, and Ramon Carbonell

Hall X2
X2.336 EGU2017-13838
The Wilson cycle in Pyrenees: the role of Triassic evaporites on structural styles and crustal architecture (withdrawn)
Matthieu Branellec, Emmanuel Masini, Josep Anton Muñoz, Jean-Paul Callot, and Jean-Claude Ringenbach

Hall X2
X2.337 EGU2017-17840
The Orogen project: a process-driven research program to rethink exploration along fold and thrust belts (withdrawn)
Emmanuel Masini, Sylvain Calassou, Magali Collin, Olivier Vidal, and Thierry Baudin

Hall X2
X2.338 EGU2017-18830
Upper Cretaceous Paleogene evolution of the Pyrenean retroforeland (Aquitain basin). Insights for Iberia Eurasia convergence. (withdrawn)
Eric Lasseur, Carole Ortega, Benoit Issautier, Justine Briais, Isabelle Thinon, Yann Vernhet, Guillaume Badinier, Olivier Serrano, François Guillocheau, and Arnaud Wuilleumier

Hall X2
Lower Bashkirian conodonts from the Nevado-Filábride complex (Betic Cordilleras, Spain): tectonic and palaeogeographic implications
Rosario Rodríguez Cañero, Antonio Jabaloy Sánchez, Pilar Navas Parejo, and Agustín Martín Algarra

Hall X2
Tectonic evolution of the Northern Pyrenees. Results of the PYRAMID project
Mary Ford, Fredéric Mouthereau, Fredéric Christophoul, Michel de Saint Blanquat, Nicolas Espurt, Pierre Labaume, Jaume Vergés, Antonio Teixell, Nicolas Bellahsen, Arnaud Vacharat, Raphael Pik, Jacques Pironon, Cédric Carpentier, Paul Angrand, Arjan Grool, Roland Salardon, Ritske Huismans, Anne-Gaëlle Bader, Thierry Baudin, and Charles Aubourg and the PYRAMID team