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Securing sustainable supplies of mineral resources for the low carbon economy
Convener: Jens Andersen  | Co-Conveners: Liam Hardy , Samuel Rice 
 / Attendance Mon, 24 Apr, 17:30–19:00

Attendance Time: Monday, 24 April 2017, 17:30–19:00
Hall X1
Chairperson: Jens Andersen
The future of European mining: What should our mining industry learn from the Skouries and Rosia Montana community gold conflicts (solicited) Highlight
Liam Hardy, Shaun Heller, Rowan Faltyn, Anna Stefanaki, Romina Economidou, Irina Savin, Leo Hood, and Christopher Conway

Hall X1
EGU2017-9531 | presentation
Low-Impact Exploration for Gold in the Scottish Caledonides.
Samuel Rice, Simon Cuthbert, Andrew Hursthouse, and Gabriele Broetto

Hall X1
REE concentration processes in ion adsorption deposits: Evidence from Madagascar and China. (solicited)
Martin Smith, Guillaume Estrade, Eva Marquis, Kathryn Goodenough, Peter Nasun, Xu Cheng, and Jindrich Kynicky

Hall X1
Origin of heavy REE mineralisation in carbonatites: Constraints form the Huanglongpu Mo-HREE deposit, Qinling, China.
Martin Smith, Xu Cheng, Jindrich Kynicky, Delia Cangelosi, and Song Wenlei

Hall X1
Applying a new understanding of supergene REE deposit formation to global exploration initiatives for environmentally sustainable resources
Liam Hardy, Martin Smith, Leo Hood, Shaun Heller, Rowan Faltyn, Astrid Blum, and Axel Bamberger

Hall X1
The geological and microbiological controls on the enrichment of Se and Te in sedimentary rocks (solicited)
Liam Bullock, John Parnell, Joseph Armstrong, Adrian Boyce, and Magali Perez

Hall X1
Resolving the Distribution of Energy Critical Elements in Ore Systems through in situ Chemical mapping of Mineral Phases (solicited)
Sean H. McClenaghan

Hall X1
X1.54 EGU2017-17067
Geochemistry and U-Pb hydrothermal monazite geochronology of uraniferous greisen veins in the high heat production Mt. Douglas Granite, NB Canada: implications for post-magmatic hydrothermal activity (withdrawn)
Nadia Mohammadi, Christopher McFarlane, and David Lentz

Hall X1
Mineralogical variation of skarn ore from the Tellerhäuser deposit, Pöhla, Germany
Bethany Simons, Jens Christian Andersen, Gavyn Rollinson, Robin Armstrong, Alla Dolgopolova, Reimar Seltmann, Chris Stanley, and Marco Roscher

Hall X1
Understanding the residence of Co in ore minerals - towards the development of novel Co extraction strategies for laterite deposits
Agnieszka Dybowska, Rachel Norman, Paul Schofield, and Richard Herrington