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Soil, Art, Culture, and History
Convener: Eric C. Brevik  | Co-Conveners: Jorge Mataix-Solera , Rosa M. Poch , Christian Feller , Cristine Carole Muggler , Paulo Pereira 
 / Tue, 25 Apr, 15:30–17:15
 / Attendance Tue, 25 Apr, 17:30–19:00

This session focuses on the interaction of art, culture, and soil. Presentations are welcomed from artists who use soil in one way or another in their art forms, from soil scientists who enjoy art and incorporate soil into that art, from those who incorporate art into their teaching or public outreach efforts in soil science, or from anyone with an interest in art who investigates the intersection between soil and art. Discussion and presentations on artistic expressions including poetry, painting, sculpture, photography, cinema, and performance are welcome. Contributions are also welcomed from those who are investigating the intersection between soil and culture, both the ways that culture influences perceptions of soil and ways that soil has influenced or been incorporated into culture.

This session is co-sponsored by the Soil Science Society of America and the International Union of Soil Sciences.