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Unifying understanding of bedforms across environments (co-organized) | PICO
Convener: Daniel Parsons  | Co-Conveners: Joanna Nield , Chris Clark , Guilhem Amin Douillet 
 / Thu, 27 Apr, 15:30–17:00

Bedforms are primary geomorphic elements that are ubiquitously found across all sedimentary environments, being present in fluvial, estuarine and coastal systems, the base of glaciers and ice-sheets, across vast deserts and even within the submarine canyon-fan systems in the deep ocean and on other celestial planets and moons. Understanding bedforms in these environments have similar aims; such features are a key control on the roughness an overlying flow experiences and bedforms also mediate a range of sediment transport dynamics. Moreover, the geometry and signatures of bedforms are also key indicators used for paleoflow and environment reconstructions, from scaling riverine flow depth and velocity in alluvial deposits to understanding ice sheet advance and flow directions under former ice streams. This session aims to bring together geomorphologists, sedimentologists, modellers and theoreticians working on bedforms across a full range of fluid-sediment-substrate interactions, including fluvial, estuarine, aeolian, glacial and deep sea environments. We welcome papers that approach bedform investigations from a range of approaches and also those who are using scaling relations in deposits to interpret former environments.