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Air pollution in Asia
Convener: Hendrik Fuchs  | Co-Conveners: Lisa Whalley , Xin Li , Keding Lu , Zhijun Wu 
 / Wed, 11 Apr, 08:30–12:00  / 13:30–17:00  / Room 0.11
 / Attendance Wed, 11 Apr, 17:30–19:00  / Hall X5

Wednesday, 11 Apr 2018
Room 0.11
Chairperson: Keding Lu, Julius Chang
Brown carbon aerosol in urban Beijing during winter: the light absorption properties, source contributions and radiative effect
Ru-Jin Huang, Lu Yang, Yang Chen, Qi Chen, Yongjie Li, Uli Dusek, and Junji Cao
Sources of carbonaceous aerosols during extreme haze events in Beijing and Xi’an, China
Ulrike Dusek, Haiyan Ni, Harro A. J. Meijer, and Ru-Jin Huang
Multiphase chemistry as a key to understand air pollution and its mitigation strategies
Yafang Cheng, Hang Su, and Ulrich Pöschl
09:15–09:30 EGU2018-11006
Atmospheric processing of dust particles in a polluted urban area of northwestern China (withdrawn)
Yang Chen
Insights into PM1 during haze episodes in Beijing, China, using an aerosol mass spectrometer in a two-month winter field campaign 2016
Sebastian H. Schmitt, Patrick Schlag, Georgios I. Gkatzelis, Thorsten Hohaus, Mengren Li, Yu Wang, Dongjie Shang, Min Hu, Keding Lu, Yuanhang Zhang, Andreas Wahner, and Astrid Kiendler-Scharr
Nitrated phenols-a great indicator of biomass burning: insights from observations in the winter of North China Plain, 2017
Song Guo, Rongzhi Tang, Michael Le Breton, Christian Mark Salvador, Hui Wang, Wenfei Zhu, Shengrong Lou, Penglin Ye, Mattias Hallquist, and Min Hu
Coffee break
The Pollution Pattern of Ambient PM2.5 in Beijing based on one-year Measurement of PM2.5 and its Chemical Compositions
Min Hu, Tianyi Tan, Mengren Li, Qingfeng Guo, Yusheng Wu, Xin Fang, Fangting Gu, Yu Wang, Zhijun Wu, Sihua Lu, Limin Zeng, Shaodong Xie, and Yuanhang Zhang
A Review of Fine Particulate Matter Health Effects in Beijing, China
Xiaohong Iris Xu and Lindsay Miller
An observation-based perspective of haze days in four major polluted regions of China
Lu Mao, Run Liu, Shaw Chen Liu, Wenhui Liao, Xuemei Wang, Min Shao, and Yuanhang Zhang
11:15–11:30 EGU2018-19838
Characterizaiton and Source Apportionment of Organic Aerosols in Delhi, India, using Extractive Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry (EESI-LTOF) (withdrawn)
Varun Kumar, Deepika Bhattu, Yandong Tong, Veronika Pospisilova, Giulia Stefanelli, Amelie Bertrand, Roberto Casotto, Rangu Venkat Satish Kumar, Urs Baltensperger, Sachidanand Tripathi, Dilip Ganguly, Andre Prevot, and Jay Gates Slowik
Source apportionment of carbonaceous aerosols in Xi’an, China: insights from one-year measurement of radiocarbon and stable carbon isotope
Haiyan Ni, Rujin Huang, Harro A. J. Meijer, and Ulrike Dusek
11:45–12:00 EGU2018-16504
Light absorption of brown carbon in eastern China based on 3-year multi-wavelength aerosol optical property observations at the SORPES station and an improved Absorption Ångstrom exponent segregation method (withdrawn)
Jiaping Wang, Wei Nie, Yafang Cheng, Yicheng Shen, Xuguang Chi, Jiandong Wang, Xin Huang, Yuning Xie, Zheng Xu, Ximeng Qi, Hang Su, and Aijun Ding
Lunch break
The Air Pollution and Human Heath in a Chinese Megacity research program: some early results Highlight
James Lee
Hydroxyl radical observations during the wintertime in Beijing and comparison with steady state model calculations.
Eloise Slater, Lisa Whalley, Robert Woodward-Massey, Chunxiang Ye, Leigh Crilley, Louisa Kramer, William Bloss, Tuan Vu, Freya Squires, Rachel Dunmore, James Lee, and Dwayne Heard
Observations of the Hydroxyl radicals at Urban and Suburban sites in winter Beijing
Xuefei Ma, Keding Lu, Zhaofeng Tan, Qi Zou, Xinping Yang, Hendrik Fuchs, Andreas Hofzumahaus, Xin Li, Yuhan Liu, Min Hu, Min Shao, Haichao Wang, Yusheng Wu, Limin Zeng, Astrid Kiendler-Scharr, Andreas Wahner, and Yuanhang Zhang
Observation and modelling of the OH, HO2 and RO2 radicals at a regional site of Beijing in winter 2016
Zhaofeng Tan, Keding Lu, Xuefei Ma, Hendrik Fuchs, Birger Bohn, Andreas Hofzumahaus, Frank Holland, Xin Li, Yuhan Liu, Anna Novelli, Franz Rohrer, Min Shao, Haichao Wang, Yusheng Wu, Limin Zeng, Astrid Kiendler-Scharr, Andreas Wahner, and Yuanhang Zhang
Measurement of NO2, SO2, Formaldehyde and Glyoxal distributions in and around the Megacity of Lahore, Pakistan using car MAX-DOAS observations
Maria Razi, Steffen Dörner, Sebastian Donner, Noor Ahmad, Fahim Khokhar, and Thomas Wagner
Vertical heterogeneity in trace gas distributions - fast photochemical degradation of reactive gases in the megacity environments.
Saewung Kim, Dianne Sanchez, Daun Jeong, Roger Seco, Dasa Gu, and Alex Guenther
Coffee break
Airborne measurements of glyoxal in Korea using newly developed CEAS (Cavity Enhanced Absorption Spectroscopic) system
Kyung-Eun Min, Dongwook Kim, Seokhan Jeong, Changmin Cho, and Soojin Lee
Validation of the Large Power Plants Emissions over South Korea Using NASA KORUS-AQ Aircraft Field Campaign
Minwoo Park, Jung-Hun Woo, Younha Kim, Jinsoo Kim, Youjung Jang, Glenn Diskin, Andrew Weinheimer, and Greg Huey
Integrated Assessment of Air Quality Improvement Plan for Korea and China Using the GAINS Model
younha kim, Jinsu Kim, Youjung Jang, Zbigniew klimont, Markus Amann, and Jung-Hun Woo
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emission rates estimation using airborne in-situ formaldehyde (HCHO) observation from a petrochemical complex in Korea
Changmin Cho, Seokhan Jeong, Jin Liao, Glenn M. Wolfe, Jason M. St. Clair, Dae il Kang, Jinsoo Choi, Myung-Hwan Shin, Jinsoo Park, Thomas F. Hanisco, and Kyung-Eun Min
Diagnosis of petrochemical industry influences by air quality model with VOCs fingerprint analysis
Yuan-Chang Su, Wei-Hao Chen, and Julius S. Chang
16:45–17:00 EGU2018-1913
Multi-scale Shipping Emission Inventory and its Air Quality Impacts (withdrawn)
Huan Liu, Mingliang Fu, Xinxin Jin, Fanyuan Deng, Yi Shang, Hanyang Man, Zhaofeng Lv, Yanni Zhang, Zhihang Meng, and Kebin He