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Aerosols, radiation and clouds over the southeast Atlantic
Convener: Paola Formenti  | Co-Conveners: J.M. Haywood , SJ Piketh , Jens Redemann , Paquita Zuidema 
 / Fri, 13 Apr, 08:30–10:00
 / Attendance Fri, 13 Apr, 17:30–19:00

Friday, 13 April 2018
Room 0.88
Chairperson: Jens Redemann
The boundary layer of the remote southeast Atlantic is often smoky and other recent findings from the LASIC campaign (solicited) Highlight
Paquita Zuidema
Synergy POLDER-CALIOP for the study of aerosol-above-cloud properties and their radiative impacts off the coast of Angola
Lucia Timea Deaconu, Nicolas Ferlay, Fabien Waquet, Fanny Peers, Francois Thieuleux, and Philippe Goloub
In situ size and optical properties of dust and biomass burning aerosol over Namibia during the 2017 AEROCLO-sA project
Marc Daniel Mallet, Thierry Bourrianne, Frederick Burnet, Mathieu Cazaunau, Jean-François Doussin, Anais Feron, Xavier Landsheere, Thierry Perrin, Pascal Richard, Fabien Waquet, Cyrille Flamant, Marco Gaetani, Juan Cuesta, Barbara D'Anna, and Paola Formenti
Properties of aged smoke aerosols and boundary layer clouds over the South Atlantic during CLARIFY
Jonathan Taylor, HuiHui Wu, Ian Crawford, Keith Bower, James Allan, Dantong Liu, Michael Flynn, Paul Williams, James Dorsey, Tom Choularton, Hugh Coe, and Jim Haywood
EGU2018-3517 | presentation
Impact of cloud-top entrainment timescale on smoke-cloud interaction over the southeast Atlantic
Michael Diamond, Steffen Freitag, Ashley Heikkila, Steven Howell, Jennifer Griswold, Pablo Saide, and Robert Wood
Modeling comparisons to ORACLES airborne observations of smoke and clouds in the southeast Atlantic
Samuel LeBlanc, Pablo Saide, Paquita Zuidema, Sarah Doherty, Yohei Shinozuka, Yang Zhang, Leonhard Pfister, Ju-Mee Ryoo, Jens Redemann, Sharon Burton, Richard Ferrare, Steve Howell, Steffen Freitag, and Amie Dobracki and the ORACLES science team