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Juno at Jupiter: results from onboard instruments and ground-based supporting observations
Convener: Giuseppe Sindoni 
Co-Conveners: Scott Bolton , Tristan Guillot , Alberto Adriani , Alessandro Mura , Glenn Orton 
Session details
 / Thu, 12 Apr, 13:30–17:00  / Room 1.61
 / Attendance Thu, 12 Apr, 17:30–19:00  / Hall X4
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Thursday, 12 Apr 2018
Room 1.61
Chairperson: Jack Connerney
Juno: Overview of Results | Highlight
Scott Bolton and the Juno Science Team
Differential rotation in Jupiter from Juno measurements and interior models
Tristan Guillot and the Juno team
Polygonal Cyclonic Structures over the Jupiter’s Poles
Alberto Adriani, Alessandro Mura, Maria L. Moriconi, Davide Grassi, Giuseppe Sindoni, Francesca Altieri, Federico Tosi, Raffaella Noschese, Andrea Cicchetti, Scott J. Bolton, John E.P. Connerney, Andrew Ingersoll, Glenn S. Orton, Sushil K. Atreya, Jonathan I. Lunine, and Steven M. Levin and the JIRAM team
Juno/JIRAM observation of Io and Ganymede’s auroral footprints and associated tails
Alessandro Mura, Alberto Adriani, Scott Bolton, Jack Connerney, Steven Levin, Fran Bagenal, Barry Mauk, Joachim Saur, Hunter Waite, Thomas Greathouse, Bertrand Bonfond, Denis Grodent, Jean-Claude Gerard, Francesca Altieri, Marisa Moriconi, Christina Plainaki, and Bianca Maria Dinelli and the JIRAM Team
Recent Results From The Juno Microwave Radiometer
Steve Levin and the Juno MWR Team
The depth of Jupiter's zonal jet-streams as inferred from the Juno gravity measurements (solicited)
Eli Galanti, Yohai Kaspi, William B Hubbard, Dave J Stevenson, Scott J Bolton, Luciano Iess, Tristan Guillot, Jeremy Bloxham, Jack E P Connerney, Hao Cao, Daniele Durante, William M Folkner, Ravit Helled, Andrew P Ingersoll, Steven M Levin, Jonathan I Lunine, Yamila Miguel, Burkhard Militzer, Marzia Parisi, and Sean M Wahl
Coffee break
Chairperson: Alessandro Mura
The Juno Magnetometer Investigation Provides the First Detailed Jovian Magnetic Field Model (solicited)
Jack Connerney, Ronald Oliversen, Jared Espley, Stavros Kotsiaros, John Joergensen, Peter Joergensen, Jose Merayo, Troelz Denver, Mathias Benn, Jeremy Bloxham, Kimberly Moore, Scott Bolton, and Steven Levin
Implications of Initial Juno Magnetic Field Models for the Jovian Dynamo
Kimberly Moore, Jeremy Bloxham, John Connerney, John Jorgensen, Jose Merayo, Steven Levin, and Scott Bolton
Juno’s exploration of Jupiter’s auroral and magnetospheric phenomena: observations from Juno/JEDI (solicited)
George Clark, Barry Mauk, Chris Paranicas, Dennis Haggerty, Peter Kollmann, Abi Rymer, Joachim Saur, Alberto Adriani, Frederic Allegrini, Fran Bagenal, Scott Bolton, Jack Connerney, Robert Ebert, Dan Gershman, Randy Gladstone, George Hospodarsky, Bill Kurth, Steve Levin, David McComas, and Phil Valek
Plasma Waves Associated with Broadband Auroral Electron Spectra at Jupiter
William Kurth, Barry Mauk, Sadie Elliott, Donald Gurnett, George Hospodarsky, Ondrej Santolik, Jack Connerney, Phil Valek, Randy Gladstone, Scott Bolton, and Steve Levin
Jupiter's auroras in radio and ultraviolet wavelengths as seen from Juno
Masafumi Imai, G. Randall Gladstone, William S. Kurth, Thomas K. Greathouse, George B. Hospodarsky, Scott J. Bolton, John E. P. Connerney, and Steven M. Levin
JADE observations highlights
Frederic Allegrini, Phil Valek, Fran Bagenal, Scott Bolton, George Clark, Jack Connerney, Rob Ebert, Randy Gladstone, Tommy Greathouse, Vincent Hue, George Hospodarsky, Thomas Kim, William Kurth, Steve Levin, Philippe Louarn, Barry Mauk, David McComas, Craig Pollock, Michelle Thomsen, and Rob Wilson