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Flood and weather extremes of the pastPICO session
Conveners: Stephan Dietrich , Markus Czymzik 
Co-Conveners: Bruno Wilhelm , Ruediger Glaser , Hugues Goosse , Monica Ionita-Scholz , Markus Stoffel , Stefanie Wirth 
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 / Wed, 11 Apr, 08:30–10:00  / PICO spot 5a
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Wednesday, 11 Apr 2018
PICO spot 5a
Chairperson: Stephan, Markus, Bruno
Floods, Droughts and Ice

08:30–08:32 PICO5a.1
6-kyr record of flood frequency and intensity in the western Mediterranean Alps - Interplay of solar and temperature forcing
Pierre Sabatier, Bruno Wilhelm, Francesco Gentile Ficetola, Jerome Poulenard, Anne-Lise Develle, Adeline Bichet, Wentao Chen, Cecile Pignol, Jean-Louis Reyss, Ludovic Gielly, Manon Bajard, Yves Perette, Emmanuel Malet, Pierre Taberlet, and Fabien Arnaud
08:32–08:34 PICO5a.2
Historical floods and climate forcing in the semi-arid catchments of south-eastern Iberian Peninsula
Carlos Sánchez-García, Juan Carlos Peña, Lothar Schulte, and Filipe Carvalho
08:34–08:36 PICO5a.3
What type of floods are rainfall-runoff models able to simulate based on a long-term atmospheric reanalysis?
Pierre Brigode, Bruno Wilhelm, Joël Gailhard, Thibault Mathevet, and Ludovic Oudin
08:36–08:38 PICO5a.4
The Vltava River floods in context of solar inertial motion
Libor Elleder
08:38–08:40 PICO5a.5
Integration of multi-archive datasets and paleoclimate modelling of past flood extremes in the Swiss Alps
Lothar Schulte, Juan Carlos Peña, Oliver Wetter, Bruno Wilhelm, Benjamin Amann, Stefanie B. Wirth, Lukas Glur, and Filipe Carvalho
08:40–08:42 PICO5a.6
Major flood events reconstruction from a multi-proxy approach. The case study of November 1617 flood event in the Mediterranean Basins of Iberian Peninsula
David Pino, Armando Alberola, Carles Balasch, Mariano Barriendos, Salvador Gil, Mar Grau-Satorras, Jordi Mazón, Alfredo Pérez Morales, and Jordi Tuset
08:42–08:44 PICO5a.7
Using botanical evidence to reconstructing extreme flood in the Sierra de las Minas, Guatemala
Juan Antonio Ballesteros, Luis Kinday, Carla Restrepo, and Markus Stoffel
08:44–08:46 PICO5a.8
Droughts during the past 1250 years over the United States in the Community Earth System Model version 1.0.1
Woon Mi Kim, Christoph Raible, and Thomas Stocker
08:46–08:48 PICO5a.9
River ice regime in the lower part of the Danube river: variability, drivers and trends over the last 180 years
Monica Ionita-Scholz, Carmen-Andreea Badaluta, and Patrick Scholz
Hydro-Meteorlogical Extremes and Impacts

08:48–08:50 PICO5a.10
Extreme extratropical cyclone characteristics during the last millennium and the future | Highlight
Christoph C. Raible, Martina Messmer, Flavio Lehner, Thomas F. Stocker, and Richard Blender
08:50–08:52 PICO5a.11
Linking paleofloods to precipitation extremes at Lake Mondsee (NE Alps)
Tina Swierczynski, Michael Hofstätter, Annemarie Lexer, Franz Prettenthaler, Dominik Kortschak, Hansjörg Albrecher, and Judith Köberl
08:52–08:54 PICO5a.12
Atmospheric conditions and catastrophic flood events of the upper Rhône river (north-western Alps, France) during the last 150 years
Florian Raymond, Bruno Wilhelm, and Sandrine Anquetin
08:54–08:56 PICO5a.13
Monsoon-related rainfall recorded by mineral-rich flood layers in Vietnamese maar sediment
Jan Schimmelmann, Hướng Nguyễn-Văn, Dương Nguyễn-Thùy, Arndt Schimmelmann, Antti Ojala, Bernd Zolitschka, and Nguyệt Nguyễn-Ánh
08:56–08:58 PICO5a.14
Frequency of torrential rainstorms during a regional late Holocene drought inferred from a Dead Sea sediment record
Markus Schwab, Marieke Ahlborn, Moshe Armon, Yoav Ben Dor, Ina Neugebauer, Rik Tjallingii, Jawad Hasan Shoqeir, Efrat Morin, Yehouda Enzel, Achim Brauer, and Palex Scientific Team
08:58–09:00 PICO5a.15
Climatic context and meteorological anomalies during 1783 in Eastern Iberian Peninsula. Atmospheric processes and impacts of a singular "Bad Year"
Armando Alberola, Carles Balasch, Mariano Barriendos, José María Cuadrat, Salvador Gil, Mar Grau-Satorras, Jordi Mazón, Alfredo Pérez Morales, Marc Prohom, David Pino, Miguel Angel Saz, Ernesto Tejedor, and Jordi Tuset
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