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Applied geophysics and in-situ methods in cryospheric sciencesPICO session
Convener: Nanna Bjørnholt Karlsson 
Co-Conveners: Reinhard Drews , Franziska Koch 
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 / Thu, 12 Apr, 10:30–12:00  / PICO spot 4
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Thursday, 12 Apr 2018
PICO spot 4
Chairperson: Franziska Koch
10:30–10:40 PICO4.1
Differences in Seasonal Melt in Greenland for Summer 2016 and 2017 - upGPR to determine liquid water percolation, retention and accumulation over the last two melt seasons
Achim Heilig, Olaf Eisen, Michael MacFerrin, Marco Tedesco, and Xavier Fettweis
10:40–10:42 PICO4.2
Results from a Ground-Based Radar Survey of the Abandoned Camp Century Station, Greenland
Nanna Bjørnholt Karlsson, Jakob Abermann, Daniel Binder, Horst Machguth, and William T. Colgan
10:42–10:44 PICO4.3
Revealing irregular ice stratigraphy in the Recovery Region from englacial radar reflectors
Anja Diez, Kenichi Matsuoka, Jack Kohler, Tom A. Jordan, Fausto Ferraccioli, Hugh Corr, Arne V. Olesen, and Rene Forsberg
10:44–10:46 PICO4.4
Basal melt rate variability across ice-shelf channels in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica
Sainan Sun, Reinhard Drews, Frank Pattyn, Keith Nicholls, and Sophie Berger
10:46–10:48 PICO4.5
Inferring ocean melting of Antarctic ice shelves from their radar stratigraphy
Reinhard Drews, Clemens Schannwell, Todd A. Ehlers, Manuela Lieb, Carlos Martin, Olaf Eisen, Sophie Berger, and Frank Pattyn
10:48–10:50 PICO4.6
New insights into polar ice crystal fabrics from radar polarimetry
Carlos Martin, alex Brisbourne, Jonnathan Kingslake, Robert Mulvaney, Julius Riz, Catherine Ritz, Reinhard Drews, Katrin Lindbäck, and Kenichi Matsuoka
10:50–10:52 PICO4.7
On-ice vibroseis: What lies beneath Ekström Ice Shelf, East Antarctica?
Emma C. Smith, Reinhard Drews, Todd Ehlers, Dieter Franke, Christoph Gaedicke, Coen Hofstede, Gerhard Kuhn, Astrid Lambrecht, Christoph Mayer, Ralf Tiedemann, and Olaf Eisen
10:52–10:54 PICO4.8
First application of a newly developed drone radar for snow on sea ice | Highlight
Wolfgang Rack, Adrian Tan, Josh McCulloch, Ian Platt, Kim Eccleston, and Ian Woodhead
10:54–10:56 PICO4.9
Forward modelling of Ground Penetrating Radar and applications in radioglaciology
Richard Delf, Robert Bingham, Antonios Giannopoulos, and Andrew Curtis
10:56–10:58 PICO4.10
GPS for the Point-wise Quantification of Snow Water Equivalent in alpine Terrain
Ladina Steiner and Alain Geiger
10:58–11:00 PICO4.11
Spatiotemporal variations of snow accumulation over western Elbrus plateau (5100 m asl), Central Caucasus from high frequency radar measurements
Ivan Lavrentiev, Stanislav Kutuzov, Vladimir Mikhalenko, and Andrey Abramov
11:00–11:02 PICO4.12
Monitoring spatio-temporal infiltration pattern and its interaction with permafrost thaw using electrical resistivity and self-potential measurements at Schilthorn, Swiss Alps
Christian Hauck, Andreas Kemna, Maximilian Weigand, Florian Wagner, Cécile Pellet, Coline Mollaret, Martin Hoelzle, and Christin Hilbich
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